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shouldn't go there.
We may be beaten.
- Let's change the bridge.
- Nobody will beat us. I promise.
What time is it?
5 minutes to 4.
Do you hurry somewhere?
No. What time do we have a train at?
- We won't be late, will we?
- Are you going?
I didn't reject such journey.
Are you sure we won't be beaten?
Actually, Petya is right.
Sometimes they hit each other.
But they don't touch strangers.
- Have you ever visited football?
- Of course, not.
We definitely must go there.
Don't worry, ourfans are peaceful.
Spartak is nothing in comparison to ours.
- What did you want to ask?
- No, nothing.
Are you sure?
Do you want me to guess
what you wanted to ask?
I'll whisper it to you
and you tell me if I'm right.
Actually, more than 2 words
one say aloud.
I'll tell you something too.
Go and don't listen.
Anyway, it's a little bit scary.
Don't worry,
do you see how many police officers?
If you were a football fan
I would never let you go alone.
- I would visit all places with you.
- Am I a kid?
Yes, you're a kid.
What if you are arrested or beaten?
I'd worry.
If you're with me I'd defend you.
Hey, you treat me like a mother.
- I treat you like a father.
- I'm not talking to you.
OK, guys. Good bye.
I told you everything,
why are you showing off?
And you don't be a child either.
I'm not. Ljust want...
- OK, Petya, I'm sorry.
- Wait a second.
You don't have to defend me.
That would be so great
if you, Lyosha, were in trouble
and I'd save you.
No, it's much better if you are
paralysed and I'd take care of you.
I would feed you, would...
No, no, wait.
I'd wash you,
I'd read newspapers to you.
You'd understand how faithful I am.
I'd better not to be paralysed.
You'd better be drowning
and I'd save you.
You'd be drowning and I'd save you.
I can swim. Petya!
Your declaration hasn't been accepted.
Are you alright?
Then I'd like a Chechen kidnap you.
And I'd save you without forces.
- It's a very bad idea.
- Why?
If a Chechen kidnaps me
I'd be raped for sure.
Who told you that?
But if I'm raped,
I'd have to commit a suicide.
Because I won't be able
not to suffer afterthat.
Your declaration hasn't been accepted.
Let's continue thinking.
Stop thinking.
I'll tell you how it will end.
You'll both
end up in a mental hospital.
- Why?
- And I'll bring mashed potatoes to you.
And take for a walk at the weekends.
No, you won't do that.
- Olga, please, take it.
- Are you insane?
No, take it.
Where are you going?
What are you doing? Stop him!
- Olya, calm down.
- Please, stop him.
- Don't leave us.
- Do something, Lyosha.
Give me my watch back.
I gave you my watch
so you could keep it for me.
- Give my watch back.
- I won't.
- Olya, I changed my mind.
- I won't give it back.
I changed my mind.
Give my watch back.
And at the end of the hour
as usual the traffic situation.
Heavy traffic at Tuchkovy bridge,
at the big avenue in both directions.
Information for drivers.
According to forecast,
heavy rains are expected in the evening.
Be careful while you drive.
Oleg, who Zenit plays with?
I don't know.
I think with Spartak.
I can imagine
what's going to be afterthe game.
Stop it! Yourtickets?
Take it easy.
- Please, let us in.
- Don't worry, we'll step back.
Please, let us in. We'll buy tickets.
I told you it's not scary.
First of all it wasn't you,
it was Petya.
- OK, Petya. Does it matter?
- Now we have justice.
You are so cool.
I didn't expect that. So great!
Football is the most
exciting thing in the world.
- Are you a fan?
- Of course not.
Petya is crazy himself, like they are.
- I'm not a fan of Zenit.
- What team are you a fan of?
- I would tell you, but you'll be beaten.
- Spartak?
Of Brazil team.
That's good. My friend is a fan
of the Brazil team too.
I like a young one.
Sychyov is his name.
He is OK.
Nervous a little, like Alexey.
The star of my heart is Roberto Carlos.
- Who is that you friend?
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