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the flat in my head already.
Malakhova, you're genius. Cheers.
- To Malakhova.
- Olya, hold on.
Are you gonna lie to me
and I'm gonna believe it?
I don't lie, I fantasize.
I told you that.
- I am a honest girl.
- You are unique, Malakhova.
If you marry him,
let me be your lover.
- You?
- Yes, you'll tell me stories.
It's very interesting.
What are you talking about?
You'll get divorced anyway, my children.
I'll be here, not too far.
- Why are we gonna get divorced?
- First you should get married.
Petya, I don't like your jokes.
Malakhova, he is a very hard person.
He's a romantic, besides that
he's a nervous romantic.
- Sometimes it happens to him.
- Are you serious?
- Me is totally different.
- Because you are a dull.
Thank you, my friend.
Actually I agree with you.
I'm a dull a little.
Is he really a dull?
I didn't notice that.
I thought he was quite clever.
I think intelligence
would ruin my world view.
- Look at Alexey.
- I'm looking at him.
As my grandmother would say:
"Nice head, but belongs to a fool".
Olya, do you believe him?
Look at him. This is a boor.
A man with a very difficult nature.
Mind you, my dear,
someone else is a boor now.
Stop it, guys, stop it!
Tell me I'm a cat or a lamb?
- Do I look like a cat?
- Or a goat?
I don't think so.
Too pity.
I hoped on your intuition.
You know, sometimes
I feel like a poor cat.
- I know.
- People don't notice that.
Excuse me, Pyotr,
can I talk to you for a second?
- Only 3 minutes.
- Where are you going to, guys?
Olya, just for a few minutes.
- Are you going to fight?
- We'll be back soon.
- Petya, what's going on?
- Everything's obvious.
What is obvious?
Are you taking my girl away?
You're absolutely right.
- You are so calm.
- Why should I be not?
Petya, are you insane?
Lyosha, what do you want from me?
- I want you to leave immediately.
- I won't.
You know, I used to call you a friend.
Yes, I still am.
I'm your best friend, you are mine.
Then how can you behave like that?
I behave as I always did.
No. I think it's mean.
What do you want from me?
You want to sort out our relationship?
I don't like such things.
There is a girl.
We both like her. That's great.
- What do we have to sort out?
- OK.
We won't sort it out.
Just wanna know what you think about it.
If that's honestly enough or not.
I meet a girl, start walking with her,
I kiss her and you appears all in white.
You take my girl away
and tell me you are my best friend.
Tell me seriously, why...
Seriously? Want to know seriously?
She's not just my girlfriend.
It's not that ljust like her.
She's not just my woman.
She's made especially for me.
You need another one, stupid. You need
a calm one, who'd only listen to you.
And youngerthan you are.
She's not foryou,
not foryourtemper.
- That means she's foryou?
- Yes.
I understand that. She understands that.
And what's the most important,
do you understand that?
If you weren't my friend
I would've taken her away.
And I would've sent you home.
But since you are my best friend
I'm honest with you. Leave herto me.
You'll have time to play with someone.
You'll fall in love.
And don't smile. I know you enough.
Thank you, Petya.
I got it, you care about me.
A profound bow foryou.
But let me figure out by myself
whom I need and whom I don't.
- You got it?
- I did. I really did.
You are not an obstacle for me.
And I am not foryou.
Let her decide that.
Everything's clear.
- Pyotr.
- Let's go.
I'm not going with you.
- You will.
- I won't.
Come on, it's not polite
to keep a girl waiting.
Son of a bitch.
Why are you alone, beauty?
- Are you sad?
- No.
- I was letting my oldest dream come true.
- Which one?
I threw a bottle
into the water and it's floating now.
Olya, answer me please who...?
Guys, what's going on
on the other side of the river?
Why there are so many people there?
Zenit is playing today.
Zenit? Then maybe we

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