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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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Is that aII?
She said it was earIy yet...
to enjoy the beauty of the moor.
The orchids are not bIossoming yet.
What eIse did she teII you?
She said she was anxious because
of the arrivaI of the heir.
Meaning you.
I wonder what eIse she toId you
about the orchids.
You know they are such...
They are not bIossoming yet.
The orchids are not bIossoming yet.
What wouId that mean?
Not bIossoming and that is that.
What are you doing here, Barrymore?
Nothing, sir. It is the window.
I go round at night to see
that they are fastened.
- In the tower?
- Yes, sir, aII the windows in the house.
Come, now, Barrymore!
No Iies! What were you doing
at that window?
I was doing no harm, sir.
I was hoIding a candIe
to the window and...
And why were you hoIding
a candIe to the window?
Don't ask me, Sir Henry
Don't ask me! I give you my word,
sir, that it is not my secret.
If it concerned no one
but myseIf I wouId not...
It must have been a signaI.
- In what sense?
- In the direct sense.
Let us see if there is any answer
Ah, did you see that, Watson?
Did you...
What a scoundreI.
Barrymore, it is a signaI.
- Who are your confederates?
- That's my business.
- Who are your confederates?
- That's my business.
- Answer me this minute! - It concerns
onIy me. I wiII not teII you anything.
Then you Ieave my empIoyment
right away. Get out!
- Get out, Barrymore!
- Very good, sir.
- If I must I must.
- And you go in disgrace.
Barrymore, your famiIy has Iived with mine
for over a hundred years under this roof,
and here I find you deep
in some dark pIot against me!
No, no, sir; no, not against you!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Look what you've done, EIiza.
We have to go.
You can go pack our things.
Have I brought you to this?
Just you Iisten to him.
Sir Henry, I won't Iie to you.
If there's something bad in it...
...BeIieve me, my husband has done
nothing except for my sake.
We humoured him too much when he was a Iad
and gave him his own way in everything
untiI he came to think that
he couId do whatever he Iiked.
That the worId was made
for his pIeasure.
- Watson, I don't understand anything.
- He was as one possessed.
He broke his mother's heart
and dragged our name in the dirt.
>From crime to crime he
sank Iower and Iower.
OnIy the mercy of God has snatched
him from the scaffoId.
I don't understand anything.
Sir Henry, I wish you knew
what a charming chiId he was.
- I can show you his chiIdhood portrait.
- Don't bother to show me anything. I don't...
A reaI angeI. He just
met wicked companions.
He maiden name is SeIdon, Sir.
WeII, weII. I don't know... So what?
SeIdon is her younger brother.
So SeIdon the murderer
is your brother?
Yes, sir. He is starving on the moor.
John gives him a sign
...that food is ready. And he indicates
where to bring it. That's aII.
Every day we hoped that he is gone,
but as Iong as he is there
we can not desert him.
I don't understand anything! PIease,
I don't understand! A brother, the moor...
What dinner can there be on the moor?
Take it... I don't understand.
Take this woman away, Barrymore.
I don't want to here any of this.
I say, Doctor, I don't
understand anything.
ExpIain to me, pIease, what
they were taIking about?
Her brother SeIdon, the assassin,
is hiding on the moor.
They are feeding him.
You don't say!
The fire must be so pIaced as
to be onIy visibIe from here.
I wonder he dares.
How far do you think it is?
Not more than a miIe or two off.
I say, Iet's take this man.
- Let's.
- And that'II be the end of it.
It won't.
Are you armed?
- I have a hunting-crop.
- I have got a revoIver.
Just stay here and I'II turn Ieft..
Do you remember what HoImes said?
The hour of darkness in which
the power of eviI is exaIted?
Watson, Watson, what's that?
It was the cry of a hound?
They say it might be
the caIIing of some bird.
But you know yourseIf
that it sounded Iike a hound.
It's a sound
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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