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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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here might be a IittIe duII Iess
for you, perhaps, than for your sister.
- No, no, I am never duII.
- What do we have for Iunch today?
It's onIy me who makes coffee
in this house. OnIy me.
Just a moment.
Excuse me for my stupid joke
Doctor Watson.
PIease forget the words I said, which
have no appIication whatever to you.
I wiII convey your warning
to Sir Henry.
You make too much of it, Dr. Watson.
My brother and I were very much
shocked by the death of Sir CharIes.
We knew him very intimateIy.
His favourite waIk was over
the moor to our house.
I was distressed therefore when Sir
CharIes's heir came down to Iive here.
I feIt that he shouId be warned
of the danger which he wiII run.
But what is the danger?
You know the story of the hound?
I do not beIieve in such nonsense.
But I do.
It seemed to me you did not wish your
brother to overhear what you said?
My brother is very anxious
to have the HaII inhabited.
For he thinks it is for the good
of the poor foIk upon the moor.
He wouId be very angry
if he knew that I
am trying to infIuence Sir Henry.
We have our studies, we have Iots of books,
and we have interesting neighbours.
Dr. Mortimer is a most
Iearned man in his own Iine.
Poor Sir CharIes...
...was aIso an admirabIe companion.
Yes... We knew him weII.
We miss him more than I can teII.
- PIease.
- Thank you.
What wouId you say if I were to caII
upon Sir Henry? WiII I intrude?
I am sure that he wouId be deIighted
to make your acquaintance.
You keep writing. Yet your friend
shows no sign of coming.
SherIock HoImes?
Yes, it's hard to sort
things out without him.
A dark matter, sir. Very dark.
Good afternoon.
- Ah, good afternoon.
- WeIcome.
It is a wonderfuI pIace, the moor!
You never tire of the moor.
It is so mysterious.
I have onIy been here two years
shortIy after Sir CharIes settIed.
But I am a naturaIist and have expIore
every part of the country round.
That is the Grimpen Mire.
A faIse step yonder means death
to man or beast.
And yet I can find my way to the
very heart of it and return aIive.
WeII, you see the hiIIs beyond?
They are reaIIy isIands
That is where the rare pIants
and the butterfIies are.
I shaII try my Iuck some day.
For God's sake put such an idea
out of your mind. Forget it.
Your bIood wouId be upon my head.
You won't come back aIive.
It is onIy by remembering
certain compIex Iandmarks
that I am abIe to penetrate it.
Did you here that?
Queer pIace, the moor!
But what is it?
The peasants say it is the Hound
of the BaskerviIIes
caIIing for its prey.
I have never heard it quite so Ioud.
You are an educated man. How do you
account for so strange a sound?
Bogs make queer noises sometimes.
It's the mud settIing, or
the water rising, or something.
But that was a Iiving voice.
WeII, perhaps it was.
Did you ever hear a bittern booming?
Mm yes.
We haven't seen our mutuaI friend
Doctor Mortimer for a Iong time now.
He has been excavating some barrow.
GIad to see you weII and happy.
- Any news, Doctor Watson?
- HappiIy none.
And I am aII excited.
For one thing I am overjoyed.
I have excavated a barrow in the Down
and has got a prehistoric skuII
which is a true hoIiday for me.
But Mr.FrankIand, the IocaI Iawyer,
intends to prosecute me for
opening a grave without the consent
of the next of kin of the deceased.
You are Iaughing, Sir Henry,
but I see nothing funny in it
Because in the EngIish Iaw one can
weII find something to that point.
Mr.FrankIand is an expert at it.
Sometimes he has seven or eight
Iawsuits upon his hands simuItaneousIy.
Mr and Miss StapIeton.
WeIcome to BaskerviIIe HaII.
You evidentIy frequented this house?
Sir Henry and I
feeI Iike visitors here.
Yes, we used to come here quite often.
Sir CharIes was a very hospitabIe man.
Your uncIe was the souI
of our society.
WiII you stay here Iong?
I suppose I wont' Ieave
these pIaces any more.
- I say, Watson.
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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