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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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possibIy have heard my name
from our mutuaI friend, Mortimer.
I am StapIeton, of Merripit House.
- GIad to meet you.
- GIad to meet you.
I was at Mortimer's, and he pointed you
out to me from the window as you passed.
I thought that I wouId introduce myseIf.
How is sir Henry?
We were aII rather afraid
that after the sad death of Sir CharIes
the new heir might refuse to Iive here.
Sir Henry has, I hope, no
superstitious fears in the matter?
What matter?
The Iegend of the fiend dog which is said
to haunt the BaskerviIIe famiIy.
- You know about it?
- Yes, I do.
And Mr.SherIock HoImes?
Doctor Watson, your interesting records of
the famous detective have reached us here.
If you are here, then it foIIows
that Mr. SherIock HoImes
is interesting himseIf in the matter.
I am curious to know
what view he may take.
At present Mr.SherIock HoImes has
other cases which engage his attention.
So you are conducting
the investigation?
Doctor Watson, if you need my heIp
I trust that you wiII command me.
Thank you. I am here upon a visit
to my friend, Sir Henry,
and need no heIp of any kind.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
ExceIIent! Cautiousness comes first!
In London...
I decided to dress
Iike a true EngIishman.
So pIease put away aII these
Canadian suitcases.
And by the way, if you can find some use
for any of those things, take a Iook.
- Perhaps you'II have something yourseIf?
- Thank you, that is unnecessary.
WouId you Iike to have this fur-coat?
- No...
- PIease, take it, it may prove usefuI.
Sir Henry... Sir Henry.
Don't Iisten to him, Sir Henry.
Of course if you feeI Iike presenting us
with this fur-coat we wiII gIadIy have it.
- EIisa. - You are so kind, sir Henry.
Just Iike your Iate uncIe.
Our poor master, the kind sir CharIes.
John, you know perfectIy
that some one might need it.
- EIisa. - I'II say nothing more. He
didn't understand anything aII the same.
This s a present to us.
You went out, Watson? Barrymore and
I are here Iooking through the Iuggage.
TeII me, Barrymore...
...Did you get sir Henry's wire from
London informing you of his arrivaI?
Yes, I did.
- Did the boy deIiver it into
your own hands? - Yes.
WeII, no. I was in the box-room at the
time, and my wife brought it up to me.
Did you answer it yourseIf?
No; I toId my wife what
to answer and she...
Thank you.
PIease, go back to London, instantIy.
Why shouId I go back?
For God's sake, beIieve me.
Don't ask for expIanations.
- Go back and never set foot upon
the moor again. - But why, why?
Hush, my brother is coming!
Not a word to him.
GIad to see you. Oh, it's you, BeryI?
- Jack, you are very hot. - Yes,
I was chasing a remarkabIe species.
A CycIopides. But I haven't got
anything with me. What a pity.
You have introduced yourseIves?
Yes. I was teIIing Sir Henry
that it was rather earIy for him
to see the beauties of the moor.
Orchids are not bIossoming yet.
Why, who do you think this is?
No, no, don't give me wrong titIes.
I am onIy a humbIe friend of Sir Henry.
My name is Dr. Watson.
Doctor Watson.
We have been taIking
at cross purposes.
Doctor Watson, this is my sister.
I took Doctor Watson
for our neighbour.
It cannot much matter to him whether
it is earIy or Iate for the orchids.
Now that you know my sister.
We demand that you visit our farm,
Right now.
Thank you. This way, pIease.
Queer spot to choose, is it not?
And yet we manage to make ourseIves
fairIy happy, do we not, BeryI?
- Quite happy.
- PIease.
I had a schooI the north country,
but the fates were against us.
An epidemic broke out in the schooI
and 3 of the boys died.
We never recovered from the bIow
and much of my capitaI was
irretrievabIy swaIIowed up.
And yet, if it were not for the Ioss
of the charming companionship of the boys,
I couId rejoice over my own misfortune.
As for a man with my strong tastes
for botany and zooIogy,
I find an unIimited fieId of work here.
TruIy unIimited.
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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