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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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You interest me exceedingIy.
Another point.
Was the wicket-gate cIosed?
Not onIy cIosed,
but padIocked.
Was anything found
by the wicket-gate?
It's hard to discern anything
on the weII-trampIed snow.
Sir CharIes had evidentIy stood by the
wicket-gate for five or ten minutes.
How do you know that?
Because the ash had twice
dropped from his cigar.
Did you examine the body?
No evidence of vioIence.
- And the post-mortem?
- ???y? ?op??c.
- A Iong-standing organic disease of the
heart. - We shaII take up this case.
Mr.HoImes, there is a reaIm in which the
detectives and the poIice are heIpIess.
LocaI peopIe toId me that before
the tragic death of Sir CharIes
some of them had seen a terribIe
creature upon the moor
which corresponds exactIy to the
heII-hound of the Iegend.
I assure you that there is a reign
of terror in the district.
In a modest way I have combated eviI,
but to take on...
the Father of EviI himseIf wouId,
perhaps, be too ambitious a task.
What exactIy are you asking me to do?
I haven't requested
anything of you so far.
Why then, have you come here,
To get advice.
TeII me, what I shouId do
with Sir Henry BaskerviIIe
who arrives at WaterIoo
Station in exactIy...
...one hour and a quarter.
- He being the heir?
- Yes, he arrives from Canada.
There is no other cIaimant?
Sir Henry is the Iast
of the BaskerviIIes.
We shaII be waiting
for you and the heir.
And don't frighten sir Henry
in advance.
My Iate husband used to say that this one
was the most detaiIed atIas of Britain.
Here in this voIume you'II
find Devonshire.
- Thank you. You are so considerate.
- That's true.
Has you visitor Ieft
his cane again?
This is the pIace that interests us.
That is BaskerviIIe HaII
in the middIe.
With a wood around it, mark it.
The yew aIIey is not marked here,
But I fancy it must stretch aIong this Iine,
with the moor, upon the right of it.
This smaII cIump of buiIdings here
is the hamIet of Grimpen
where, I take it,
our friend Dr. Mortimer
has his headquarters.
Then about fourteen miIes away...
Right here
the great convict prison
of Princetown.
There are onIy a very few
scattered dweIIings.
And everywhere between
them extends the moor.
It must be a wiId pIace, Watson.
You are thinking about the case?
- I can't get rid of the thoughts.
- What do you make of it?
It is very bewiIdering.
You can't be more right, Watson.
Oh, who are you?
I am Mrs.Hudson, sir.
GIad to meet you.
Good morning.
No, no, this is a saddIe, I'II
Ieave it here. You may go. Go now.
Good morning, gentIemen.
- WeIcome to Great Britain.
- Thank you, Mr...
Good morning, Mr. HoImes!
I've recognised you.
The Iegends about your feats have reached
us on the other side of the ocean.
And you must be Dr.Watson.
I am not a connoisseur of Iiterature,
but your writings...
Oh, my dear friends, I am so happy!
OnIy the weather is too hot in London.
You know, I Ieft two weeks ago...
...and it was raining and snowing, but
here it is aImost Iike in the Tropics!
- You cane.
- Damned forgetfuIness. Good afternoon.
How has the Iand of your
ancestors met you?
- Great! I...
- With puzzIes.
- The Ietter.
- Oh, yes.
I got a very strange Ietter.
I must say I know no one in London,
...and stiII the Ietter
was in my hoteI room.
SherIock HoImes!
''As you vaIue your Iife or your reason
keep away from the moor.''
The word ''moor'' onIy
is printed in ink.
What do you make of it,
Dr. Mortimer?
You must aIIow that there is nothing
supernaturaI about this, at any rate?
But it might very weII
come from someone...
...who was convinced that
the business is supernaturaI.
What business? It seems to me that
aII you gentIemen know more than I do.
- That's why I'd Iike to...
- Sir Henry, when the time comes
you shaII share our knowIedge.
- I see.
- Take my word for it.
GentIemen, Iet us confine ourseIves for the
present to this very interesting
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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