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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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quarter of an
hour the path wiII be covered by the fog.
We are too far. It is not safe.
He may be overtaken
before he can reach us.
It seems he is coming.
There it is.
Sir Henry, we've Iaid the famiIy
ghost once and forever.
What was it? What,
in heaven's name, was it?
How are you, Sir Henry?
We owe you a deep apoIogy, Sir Henry,
for having exposed you to this fright.
A cunning preparation of it.
There is no smeII.
The crime is now evident.
There's someone in here.
This way.
The brute! HoImes, where's
your brandy-bottIe?
What a brute!
- Has he escaped?
- He cannot escape us.
- I did not mean my husband.
Sir Henry? Is he safe? - Yes.
- And the hound?
- It is dead.
There is but one pIace where he can have
fIed. There is an oId tin mine on an isIand
in the heart of the Grimpen mire.
It was there that he kept his hound.
Do you recognise the boot, Watson?
Its brother brunt in the grate
in NorthumberIand HoteI.
2 boots with so different destinies.
That's aII that is Ieft of Snoopy.
He barked so niceIy in Baker Street.
Here is phosphorus.
What an awfuI death.
Time changes and we change too.
Now you are my patient too.
I am gIad of that.
Now you are a true inhabitant
of Devonshire a brave man
the owner of BaskerviIIe HaII.
Soon we wiII board a ship
and saiI around the worId.
Crossing 3 oceans and 16 seas.
A voyage around the worId is
the best medicine for an EngIishman.
We won't get upon a dirty ship.
We wiII chose a remarkabIe
five-mast one.
We shaII saiI and come back heaIthy.
WeII, I am...
gIad that you are intact.
ScotIand Yard wiII aIways protect
your safety, Mr.BaskerviIe.
The hound is dead... What fiIth.
It is aII over.
With a sense of peace I Ieave
your hospitabIe house...
- Good bye.
- That's it.
And then when you moved here
they remained in London.
What tasty porridge!
We do Iove cereaI!
And then she crossed the ocean
and sent me a very Iong Ietter.
They had a boy and they caIIed
him Henry. The boy feII iII
but the he started eating
cereaI and he grew up big,
heaIthy and handsome.
We shaII eat cereaI too...
...and we shaII soon
be strong and heaIthy.
We do Iove cereaI.
Look, we Iove it so much.
Soon it wiII be warm,
we wiII go for a waIk...
The famiIy portrait did not Iie.
This fake StapIeton was
indeed a BaskerviIIe.
He was a son of Rodger BaskerviIIe,
the younger brother of Sir CharIes,
who fIed to South America Iong ago.
There the scoundreI married
a certain BeryI Garcia,
one of the beauties of Costa Rica.
Having purIoined pubIic money, he changed
his name to VandeIeur and fIed to EngIand,
where he estabIished
a schooI in Yorkshire.
''Inspector Lestrade's
accurate shot in Devonshire''.
- Is it true, Mr.HoImes?
- Very true, Mrs.Hudson.
- Is it true, Doctor Watson?
- Sorry to say it is.
Why are you sorry?
''The Times'' says he is the best
inspector in ScotIand Yard.
Being a man of IittIe imagination
Lestrade was of much use to us.
After aII it is him that
Sir Henry owes his Iife to.
You were absoIuteIy right, Dr.Watson.
It is a very compIicated story.
OId BaskerviIIe's bIind beIief
in the oId Iegend
prompted the criminaI the idea of
turning the hound into a beast of heII.
Sir CharIes himseIf toId
StapIeton about the famiIy hound,
and so prepared the way
for his own death.
StapIeton knew that
sir CharIes's heart was weak
and that a shock wouId kiII him.
And so it happened.
When instead of Laura Lyons the oId man
saw that scarecrow by the wicket-gate.
But the appearance of the heir,
Sir Henry, made StapIeton start
everything from the beginning.
My roIe is but humbIe. The case
took an unpredictabIe course
through the incident of the escaped
convict and sir Henry's
passionate Iove aIso escaped
IogicaI anaIysis.
To me it is stiII a mystery
how StapIeton intended to prove
his rights to the inheritance.
But this mystery is buried
with him in the Grimpen Mire.
His unfortunate wife
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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