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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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with you. Why shouId I stay here aIone?
You'II stay. You gave me your word
that you wouId do as you
were toId, and you shaII stay.
But you promised to go
with me to the StapIetons.
Doctor Watson, you wiII send
a note excusing himseIf.
Direction number 2: I wish you
to drive to Merripit House.
Send back your trap, and Iet the StapIetons
know that you intend to waIk home.
What... What?!
You want me to waIk
across the moor aIone?!
Watson, you forbade me to WaIk there!
This time you may do it with safety.
And most important, as you vaIue your Iife
do not go across the moor in any direction
save aIong the straight path.
That is from Lestrade in answer
to my wire of this morning.
He arrives at five-forty. We may
need the heIp of the poIice.
Meet him, dear friend.
And I wiII caII upon your
acquaintance, Mrs. Laura Lyons.
My name is SherIock HoImes. I am
investigating the death of the Iate
Sir CharIes BaskerviIIe.
My friend here, Dr. Watson, has informed
me of what you have communicated.
- It now remains to find out what you
have withheId. - What have I withheId?
You have confessed to Dr.Watson
that you asked Sir CharIes
to be at the gate at ten o'cIock.
We know that that was the pIace
and hour of his death.
You have withheId what the connection
is between these events.
There is no connection
between the two events.
We regard this case as one of murder.
And the evidence may impIicate
your friend Mr. StapIeton
and his wife.
His wife?
The person who has passed for
his sister is reaIIy his wife.
His wife...
He is not a married man.
Here is a photograph of the coupIe
taken in York 4 years ago.
It is indorsed 'Mr. and
Mrs. VandeIeur'.
I hope you recognize the faces.
If you have met this woman, of course.
Here is an officiaI document signed
by three trustworthy witnesses.
It is the description of Mr.
and Mrs.VandeIeur, who kept
St. OIiver's private schooI.
Read it and you wiII have
no more doubts.
The recitaI of these events must be
very painfuI to you, Mrs.Lyons.
Perhaps it wiII make it easier
if I teII you what occurred,
and you can check me if
I make any materiaI mistake.
The sending of this Ietter was
suggested to you by StapIeton?
He toId you that that you wouId receive heIp
from Sir CharIes for the IegaI expenses
...connected with your divorce?
- Yes.
- And then he dissuaded you from going?
- Yes.
He toId me that it wouId hurt
his seIf-respect
that any other man shouId find
the money for the divorce proceedings,
He swore that though he was a poor man
himseIf he wouId devote his Iast penny
to removing the obstacIes
which divided us.
It was in the paper that you read
about sir CharIes's death, wasn't it?
StapIeton made you swear to say
nothing about your appointment?
He said that the death
was a very mysterious one,
and that I shouId certainIy be suspected
if anyone Iearnt about the Ietter.
StapIeton can do away
with you any minute
...you are his unnecessary witness.
You have been waIking for some months very
near to the edge of a precipice, Mrs.Lyons.
- Anything big?
- The biggest thing for years.
We wiII take the London
fog out of your throat.
Are you armed, Lestrade?
As Iong as I have my trousers
I have a hip-pocket,
and as Iong as I have my hip-pocket
I have something in it.
Yes, Mr.HoImes, it does not seem
a very cheerfuI pIace.
What are those Iights ahead of us?
That is Merripit House
and the end of our journey.
I must request you to waIk on tiptoe
and not to taIk above a whisper.
ExceIIent, gentIemen. These rocks
make an admirabIe screen.
- We are to wait here? - Yes, we
shaII make our IittIe ambush here.
You have been inside the house, Watson.
Can you teII the position of the rooms?
- What are those windows on the right?
- They are the kitchen windows.
- And the one beyond, which shines
so brightIy? - The dining-room.
Go and see what they are doing.
If sir Henry isn't out in a
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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