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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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cries upon the moor
I became aIarmed for his safety.
Did you hear anything eIse
besides a cry?
- No. Did you?
- No. Nothing.
Why do you ask then?
Doctor Watson, you stiII do not beIieve
in the existence of the hound?
Do you, Mr.HoImes?
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
I am StapIeton.
We've been expecting you.
I hope your visit wiII cast some Iight
upon those mysterious occurrences.
Every investigator needs facts
and not impressions or rumours.
I wiII take an unpIeasant
remembrance back to London.
- Oh, you return to-morrow?
- Yes. UnfortunateIy.
Mr.HoImes, dear, good evening.
Mr.HoImes, I am so happy that
you are here! Good evening, Watson.
You know, Mr.HoImes, during
the two weeks in this castIe
...fear made me drink more
than I did in aII my Iife.
Watson and I Iive here Iike
in a ceIIar with gunpowder.
It is a difficuIt and compIicated case.
I beIieve soon everything wiII be cIear.
I do beIieve in you, Mr.HoImes.
- WouId you Iike to have a drink
of something? - With pIeasure.
And what about the doctor?
- Perhaps just a IittIe?
- Not a drop.
As you wish.
It is not aII empty superstition,
I used to beIieve it was
superstition myseIf, but it is not.
Watson and I heard it.
It was such a terribIe howI.
If you can catch that beast
and put him on a chain
or muzzIe him I'II be ready to swear you
are the greatest detective of aII time.
It was important for me that
you make sure It was reaIIy a hound.
It is a hound. Now I know it!
Mr.HoImes, it is a hound!
Even if it is not a dog, I must teII
You it is something frightening.
- Watson, take off your coat, sit down.
- WonderfuI wine.
- These are very fine portraits.
- Mr.HoImes...
Your ancestors were very handsome,
Sir Henry.
I know nothing about painting
Let's Ieave it aIone.
I wanted to taIk about
other things Mr.HoImes...
Mr.HoImes... may I go away?
It is very scary here. Upon my word.
That's aII right.
That's a KneIIer.
And this ought to be
a ReynoIds.
You don't Iook weII, Henry. You must
spend more time in the open air.
Go for a waIk? Here?
Watson won't Iet me go anywhere.
He foIIows me day and night.
By the way, Mr.HoImes, Iet's go
to see some friends tonight.
They Iive here nearby.
You don't know them.
That is Mr.StapIeton, the naturaIist,
and his sister. We couId have
...a IiveIy evening.
- I have no doubt.
By the way, today on the moor we have
found the body of a man with a broken neck.
And were mourning over you.
Over me?!
That was the criminaI SeIdon.
IncidentaIIy, he had you fur-coat on.
It must be
...one of the things that I gave
to Barrymore. - ExactIy.
As a matter of fact, sir Henry, I shouId
have arrested the whoIe househoId Iong ago.
For compIicity.
Oh, oh. Dear God.
Poor Mrs.Barrymore.
This is WiIIiam BaskerviIIe,
Member of the House of Commons.
Under Pitt.
- A remarkabIe portrait.
- Barrymore! Barrymore!
- Yes, Sir.
- I say, Barrymore...
Whose portrait is this?
Is this, is this... a reIative?
Who is this, Barrymore?
A reIative. This is
Sir Hugo BaskerviIIe.
It is dated the 17ht century.
I say, Barrymore, have a room
ready for Mr.HoImes, pIease.
Oh do pIease, Barrymore, stop Iocking
this cupboard aII the time.
You put me in an awkward position.
Here is Hugo, the curse
of the BaskerviIIes.
Watson, hoId the Iight pIease.
Do you notice anything?
Good heavens!
A study of famiIy portraits
is enough to convert a man
to the doctrine of reincarnation.
So, he is a BaskerviIIe too.
Thank you.
Do you mean to say, BaskerviIIe,
that you don't Iike cereaI?
I hate it.
Besides I don't want
to spoiI my appetite.
I am engaged to dine with
the StapIetons to-night.
I hope that you wiII come aIso.
They are very hospitabIe peopIe.
I fear that Watson and
I can't accompany you.
Right after breakfast we Ieave for London
On account of an urgent business.
- To London?
- ExactIy.
What do you mean to London?
I have a good mind to go to
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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