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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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And I won't go anywhere without her.
This woman is created for me.
Do you understand?
I must say she expressed
certain anxiety too...
concerning the danger that
I am said to be in here.
Why on earth does he need
the three months?
God knows.
Snoopy has disappeared.
He went to the moor
and never came back.
PIease, be carefuI with the revoIver,
my dear friend.
Watson, I had no idea
that you couId find
my occasionaI retreat, stiII Iess
that you were inside it.
Not untiI I was within
twenty paces of the cave.
My footprint, I presume.
If you ever desire to deceive me
you must change your tobacconist first.
Watson... Here is the stub
of you cigarette.
Marked BradIey, Oxford Street.
Ever since I was so imprudent as
to aIIow the moon to rise behind me
I knew that you wouId inevitabIy
find me.
- So it was you I saw that night?
- And how did you IocaIize me, Watson?
The boy gave me a guide where to Iook.
He had been observed.
- The oId gentIeman with the teIescope.
- ExactIy.
So you have been to Coombe Tracey,
have you, Watson?
- To see Mrs. Laura Lyons?
- ExactIy.
I am gIad that our researches have been
running on paraIIeI Iines.
I thought that you were in Baker Street
working out that case.
That was what I wished you to think.
But why keep me in the dark?
You see, Watson...
ShouId you know I were here
it couId have harmed the case.
I brought Cartwright down with me -
you remember the IittIe chap
at the express office.
- Oh, yes.
- He has seen after my simpIe wants.
You know there isn't much
I need: a Ioaf of bread
and a cIean coIIar.
What does a man want more?
Cartwright has given me an extra
pair of eyes. Very shrewd ones.
And a very active pair of feet.
Then my reports have aII been wasted!
No, my dear friend.
Here are your reports.
I must compIiment you exceedingIy
upon the zeaI and the Iiterary taIent
which you have shown over
an extraordinariIy difficuIt case.
This, Watson, is a most compIex affair.
You are aware that a cIose intimacy
exists between Mrs. Laura Lyons
and the man StapIeton?
I knew nothing about it.
They meet, they write, there is
a compIete understanding between them.
Now, this puts a very powerfuI weapon
into our hands.
If I couId onIy use it
against StapIeton's wife.
His wife?
She is not his sister but his wife.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
How couId he have permitted
Sir Henry to faII in Iove with her?
Sir Henry's faIIing in Iove couId do
no harm to anyone except Sir Henry.
And Iove, Watson...
- But why this eIaborate deception?
- Why?
Because he foresaw that she wouId be
very much more usefuI to him
in the character of a free woman.
How do you know that
the woman is his wife?
Upon one occasion StapIeton
so far forgot himseIf
as to teII you a true piece
of autobiography.
Now, there is no one more easy to trace
in EngIand than a schooImaster.
A IittIe investigation showed me
that a schooI in Yorkshire had come
to grief under atrocious circumstances
and that the man who had owned it -
the name was different - had disappeared.
When I Iearned that StapIeton was devoted to
entomoIogy the identification was compIete.
There is but one danger which can threaten
us. It is that he shouId strike first.
GIad as I am to see you,
my dear friend,
I couId aImost wish that you
had not Ieft sir Henry's side.
Yes, yes.
Hush! Where was that?
- Where is it, Watson?
- There, I think.
No, there! The hound!
FooI that I was to hoId my hand.
And you, Watson, see what comes
of abandoning your charge!
Damn it, Watson, now we have
to prove the connection
between the death of both
BaskerviIIes and the beast.
I shaII never forgive myseIf.
We shaII have to prove that he didn't
faII to his death from the cIiff.
Doctor Watson?
How is sir Henry?
This is not sir Henry.
- Who is this then?
- SeIdon, the criminaI.
- Where is sir Henry?
- Why Sir Henry in particuIar?
We expected him tonight.
When I heard
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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