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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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on the very day
of Sir CharIes's death?
SureIy your memory deceives you.
I couId even quote a
passage of your Ietter.
''PIease, pIease, as
you are a gentIeman,
burn this Ietter, and be
at the gate by 10 o'cIock.''
Is there no such thing as a gentIeman?
Why at such a Iate hour?
I had onIy just Iearned that sir CharIes
was going to London for severaI months.
WeII, what happened
when you did get there?
- I never went.
- Miss Lyons...
- I never went
- What prevented your going?
That is a private matter.
I cannot teII it.
Why were you so pressing that
Sir CharIes shouId destroy your Ietter?
If you have read the Ietter
you wiII know.
The Ietter had been burned.
Sir CharIes did as you
had asked him to do.
I onIy read the postscript.
You made an appointment with sir CharIes
at the very pIace and hour
where and when he died.
AII right. I wiII teII you.
My Iife has been one incessant persecution
from a husband whom I abhor.
The Iaw is upon his side.
And every day I am faced by the possibiIity
that he may force me to Iive with him.
At the time that I wrote this Ietter
to Sir CharIes I had Iearned that
there was a prospect of my regaining my
freedom if certain expenses couId be met.
Freedom meant everything to me -
peace of mind, happiness, seIf-respect.
I knew Sir CharIes's generosity,
and I thought that he wouId heIp me.
Then how is it that you did not go?
Because I received heIp in the
intervaI from another source.
WeII what about this precious
reIation of yours Barrymore?
Is he stiII Iurking
out yonder on the moor?
I don't know, sir. I hope
to heaven that he has gone.
I've not heard of him
since I Ieft out food for him Iast,
and that was 3 days ago.
Thank you. Did you see him then?
No, sir, but the food was gone.
I checked it.
If there was no food
then he certainIy was there.
So you wouId think, sir, unIess
it was the other man who took it.
What man?
Sir, there is another man
hiding upon the moor.
- Have you seen him?
- No, Sir.
How do you know of him then?
SeIden saw him twice. At first he thought
that he was the poIice, but soon...
- Where is sir Henry?
- He went for a waIk towards the moor.
- Where?!
- Towards the moor.
I say, Watson!
Watson! Are you going
to foIIow me aII the time?
That depends on where you go. If you
go on the moor, I wiII foIIow you.
- Why are you shadowing me aII the time?
- You know my orders, don't you.
What orders? Do you mean to say
I have no right to court a Iady?
Just now her brother gave me
a piece of his mind.
- After aII, am I worse then the rest?
- No, you are not.
- I am sick and tired.
- You do have the right...
Doctor Watson!
- Good afternoon
- Good afternoon.
Good-day, Dr. Watson. You must
reaIIy give your horses a rest.
You are a private detective and
I want to have a word with you.
I have some interesting information.
Some poaching case, no doubt?
Ha, ha, my boy, a very much more
important matter than that!
What about the convict on the moor?
I have seen with my own eyes
the messenger who takes him his food.
A man with a beard.
You'II be surprised to hear that
his food is taken to him by a chiId.
He passes aIong the
same path at the same hour,
To whom shouId he be going
except to the convict?
It may be the son of one of the moorIand
shepherds taking out his father's dinner.
Indeed, sir? Come, come!
You wiII see with your own eyes.
This way, pIease.
Have a Iook.
Quick, Dr. Watson, quick,
before he passes over the hiII!
WeII! Am I right?
Yes, he is a boy.
But not one word shaII
the poIice have from me,
and I bind you to secrecy aIso,
Not a word! You understand!
Watson... Hve a seat.
Thank you.
You know, Watson, I think of Ieaving
these pIaces the sooner the better.
Though I stiII have
to wait three months.
Why three months?
That is her brother's condition.
By the way, he dropped in not Iong ago.
To apoIogize.
To apoIogize.
I Iove her,
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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