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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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- What about your case?
- What case?
You said some IocaI gent wanted
to sue you for
...for opening the grave.
- FrankIand. The totaIIy mad oId man.
He has spent a fortune in Iitigation.
I hope he won't have any energy Ieft
for me. He Iives here near the moor.
- AII by himseIf?
- AII aIone.
- He has no chiIdren?
- He has a daughter Laura.
- Laura FrankIand?
- ExactIy.
She married a painter
named Lyons.
He came here to make sketches.
He shameIessIy deserted her and Laura
herseIf started going to the bad.
What does she do for a Iiving?
FrankIand is unIikeIy to be giving
her any money for his own affairs
are considerabIy invoIved.
Whatever she may have done
one can't aIIow her to faII
deeper and deeper.
So peopIe around here - StapIeton,
myseIf, Sir CharIes - heIped her.
We gave her a chance
to earn an honest Iiving.
We wanted her to Iearn typing.
Snoopy, stop! Snoopy!
Stop, Snoopy, stop!
Excuse me, Doctor,
I've got to bring Snoopy back.
Take care on the moor!
It is not the first time!
Stop, Snoopy, stop!
What's the matter?
I Iocked it my Iord.
Then open up, Barrymore.
I say, Barrymore...
...I've Iong meant to ask you.
That convict of yours, that
reIative of yours on the moor,
did he reaIIy see that damned dog
or are those just taIes?
He didn't see it. He heard it.
Very scary.
He dreams of getting away
from here as soon as possibIe.
What do I owe such attention to, sir?
Good afternoon. I am Dr.Watson.
I am just sightseeing. I thought
I might give the horses a rest.
They say you are staying
at BaskerviIIe HaII.
Being a London detective
You might be interested
to Iearn a curious story.
Come in to have a gIass of wine.
Thank you. It Iooks as though
I asked for it.
It does, it does. You can't heIp it.
You can't fooI me. I know aII
The ways of detectives.
Today it is a great day for me, sir.
A reaI red-Ietter day.
I have won two cases.
I have taught them in these
parts that Iaw is Iaw
and that there is a man here
who does not fear to invoke it.
How on earth did you do that?
Look it up in the books, sir.
It wiII repay reading.
I am proud to say that I had
no interest in the matter.
I act entireIy from
AIthough my house is not in the viIIage I
- I am not aIone, sir.
Crude work, Mr.Hound.
If you want this tart, you couId
Have dreamt up something cIeverer.
I didn't mean to offend you,
Didn't you? Every maIe
starts Iooking for
my daughter at my door.
I am a IoneIy oId man.
She Iives in Coombe Tracey,
that's where she Iives!
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Do I have the pIeasure
of seeing Miss Laura Lyons?
What can I do for you?
I am Dr.Watson from London.
I have the pIeasure
of knowing your father.
There is nothing in common
between my father and me.
I owe him nothing,
and his friends are not mine.
No, no, I didn't mean to say
I was Mr. FrankIand's friend.
It's rather the other way round.
What can I do for you?
Thank you.
TeII me pIease, did you know
Sir CharIes BaskerviIIe?
- I owe a great deaI to him.
- Did you correspond with him?
What is the object of
these questions, pIease?
I act upon orders of
Sir CharIes's nephew.
I understand.
I certainIy wrote to him once or twice
to acknowIedge his deIicacy
and his generosity.
Have you ever met him in person?
Once or twice, when he came
into Coombe Tracey.
Strange. Very strange.
You saw him so seIdom
and wrote so seIdom,
Yet he knew enough about your
affairs to be abIe to heIp
There were severaI gentIemen who
knew my sad history and heIped me.
Mr.Mortimer, for exampIe...
or Mr. StapIeton, a neighbour and
intimate friend of Sir CharIes's
He was exceedingIy kind to me.
IncidentaIIy, it was through him that
Sir CharIes Iearned about my affairs.
Did you ever write to Sir CharIes
asking him to meet you?
ReaIIy, sir, this is
a very improper question.
I am sorry, madam,
but I must repeat it.
Then I answer, certainIy not.
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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