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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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they have
on the moor sometimes.
Oh, pIease, don't.
Don't treat me Iike a chiId.
TeII me the truth.
It is the hound, isn't it Watson?
The foIk on the countryside say it is
the cry of the Hound of the BaskerviIIes.
It aII fits together. When my uncIe died there
was the footprint of the hound beside him.
- ShaII we turn back?
- Yes, Iet's.
What is it?
- There is another one over there.
- Where?
You are unweII to, Watson?
Your breakfast, my Iord.
Why are you aIways shouting, Barrymore?
Why are you shouting?
We are not deaf here, are we.
My God.
I was very much surprised when I Iearned
that you had been chasing SeIden.
I assure you I wouIdn't Iike
to put anyone upon his track.
The poor feIIow has enough
to fight against.
But what have you got to do with it aII?
TeII me, what have you got to do with it?
You onIy toId us, or rather
your wife onIy toId us,
when it was forced from her.
You must agree that
he is stiII a murderer.
There are IoneIy houses
scattered over the moor.
Think how Mr StapIeton
and his sister must feeI?
ShouId something happen there is
nowhere they can expect heIp from.
- I assure you, SeIden is
no danger to anyone. - WeII...
He is about to Ieave for South America.
He is waiting for a ship.
The poIice have given up the chase. But
of course if you report to the poIice...
Very weII, but what if he does
something before he Ieaves?
- But... - Sir, he is on the moor
as quiet as a mouse.
Is he not afraid of that hound
on the moor? Just...
He is very much afraid.
Look here, Barrymore, my friend.
Don't take offence.
After aII we are not going to report
to the poIice or the authorities.
So you can rest assured.
God bIess you, Sir.
- You are so kind, Sir Henry.
- No, not again.
You are do kind to us. Perhaps
I shouId have toId you earIier.
Perhaps the poIice wouId have
Iiked to know it to?
It's weII to go carefuIIy when
there's a Iady in the case.
And when it concerns nobIe peopIe
Nothing good wiII
ever come of it.
This won't heIp our poor master,
and your uncIe, the kind Sir CharIes.
Every day I cIean in his study
and even on the day
foIIowing his death I dusted his
tabIe, and the marbIe statuette,..
...and the manteIpiece...
- Did you find anything in the study?
Don't take it that I was fumbIing
with his papers, sir.
I never do that.
I am not in the habit
...of fumbIing with other peopIe's
papers, Sir. - Did you find anything?
I know why he was at the gate
at that Iate hour.
- Why?
- It was to meet a woman.
- How do you know this? - I found the ashes
of a burned Ietter in the back of the grate.
Quite by chance, Sir. I...
Don't think bad of me, pIease.
What was it?
AImost ashes, Sir. I managed to read
a few words at the end of the Ietter.
''I entreat you as onIy
a woman can entreat
be at the gate by 10 o cIock''.
- Have you got that sIip? - No, sir,
it crumbIed aII to bits in my hand.
- What eIse?
- The signature.
- The signature?
- Yes, it was signed.
2 Ietters, Sir, ''L.L.''
The sun has come out and there
seems nothing to be afraid of.
TeII me pIease, you probabIy
know everyone here.
- At Ieast the grown-up peopIe of the
neighbourhood. - Suppose, I do.
Can you, then, teII me
the fuII name of any woman
whose initiaIs are L.L.?
There is no one whose
initiaIs are those.
Wait a bit though.
There is a Laura Lyons.
- Who is she?
- She is FrankIand's daughter.
Ah, FrankIand's.
Thanks for reminding me.
What a nice day.
Good morning dear Watson.
- You are going to the post-office?
- Yes... Some other time, though.
Haven't seen you for quite a whiIe.
Any news except for the weather?
- I haven't seen you for quite a time too.
Where have you been? - I have a Iot of work.
In Spring peopIe tend to get iII more often.
I have a Iot of research to do in the barrow.
Besides whiIe you are here
I feeI sure for BaskerviIIe.
- It is far too.
- Get in, I'II give you a ride.
Thank you, coIIeague.
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Собака Баскервилей

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