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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа

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the worst part.
The thing is, I'm engaged.
My fiancйe is Milverton's
Her name's Agatha.
A sweet charming girl.
Isn't that going a bit too far?
For her I am a tinsmith.
Name's Escott.
My business is going well.
But what about the girl,
All we did was walk the dog
and talk.
But now I know Milverton's house
like the palm of my own hand.
I have a lucky rival by the
name of Charlie.
He'll take my place as soon
as I disappear from the scene.
But thank you for the valuable
information. I haven't noticed
the marker.
Look at this, Watson.
An ultimate thief's kit.
Glazier's diamonds, a knife,
and a set of master-keys.
Objects born out of the progress
of civilization.
And here... Look.
Look at this beauty!
A thief's flashlight.
I'm going to rob Milverton.
I always told you
I'd make a good thief.
And I'm grabbing at this
But what if they catch
you and arrest you?
"Holmes in the hands
of Milverton!"
Can't you - Sherlock Holmes -
find another solution?
There is no other solution.
I will commit a crime only in
the eyes of the law. From the
point of view of morality
my actions will be justified.
You're not sure? Why then did
you rush to help me
when I attempted to search the
bastard's pockets.
You were about to hit him
with a chair.
But the risk!
Think about the risk!
A gentleman mustn't mind
the risk,
when a woman is asking
for help.
What if he already handed the
letters over?
He's taking his time.
He thinks I quit the case.
If I won't get the letters
tomorrow he's going to ruin
poor Lady Eve Brackwell.
- When do we set off?
- You can't help me here.
Why do you say that?
You're not the only one who
has a feeling of
self-respect and sympathy
for others.
All right.
We spent a long time
living under one roof.
If we're unlucky, we'll share
the prison cell.
- Have you got soft shoes?
- Of course.
My tennis shoes.
What about a mask?
We can cut two out of a
black silk fabric.
Bravo, doctor!
You're a natural born thief!
The papers are in a safe.
The safe is in the study.
The study adjoins the
Just like any staunch
scoundrel, Milverton
sleeps soundly.
Agatha confirmed that.
All goes according to schedule.
It's half past ten.
- It's time to put on the masks.
- No.
We'll put them on when we
climb over the wall.
Get the tools.
It's Nora.
Don't be afraid of her.
We love vanilla rusks.
Nora, here's some more!
Jump, Watson.
Now that she recognized me,
we can put on the masks.
This is the door of
the study.
Bad luck, it's bolted.
Let's try the back door.
There's a greenhouse that
leads to the drawing-room.
God dammit! I cut my finger.
It saw us.
The parrot.
Throw a handkerchief
over it.
- The garden door is open.
- Strange.
Let's not waste time.
Wipe that away! Quick!
- You have a handkerchief?
- I left it with the parrot.
Here, take mine.
I shall be in my study!
Come in. It's open.
You're half an hour late.
I hope I will be rewarded
for the inconvenience?
Couldn't you come earlier?
Well, I can see you couldn't.
So you say, the countess
mistreated you?
Now you have a chance to get
even with her.
Haven't you?
What's with you, young lady?
You're trembling!
Calm down.
That's better.
Now lets get down to business.
You said you have 5 letters
that compromise your
You want to sell them,
I want to buy.
All we have to do is agree
about the price.
But I have to see the
letters first.
My God! It's you?!
Yes, its me.
The poor woman that you
have ruined.
You were stubborn.
You shouldn't have let
matters get out of hand.
I assure you, if there's no
need, I won't hurt a fly.
But everyone earns his bread in
his own way.
What was left to do?
I named the price.
You could afford it.
But you didn't want to pay!
And then you sent the letters
to my husband.
His heart wasn't strong
enough for that.
He died.
The noblest of men
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа

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