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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа

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believe me, on the 18th there
will be no wedding.
We will advise Lady Eve to
tell her husband
everything and count on his
I can see, you don't know
the duke.
There is nothing bad
in those letters.
They're witty, very witty.
The lady wrote beautifully.
But I assure you, the duke won't
appreciate the style.
However, If you insist
that your client will only
benefit if the duke reads the
letters, it would be madness to
pay such a small fortune.
Let's consider the matter closed.
We will do everything possible
to avoid a scandal.
I didn't doubt for a second you
would take exactly this attitude
But we both know Lady Eve
is not rich.
What you say about her
financial situation is true.
But this marriage is a perfect
opportunity for her friends and
family to do something for her.
They will be considering a
a wedding present.
And they need to know that she
will be more happy to get these
letters than all the vases and
chandeliers in London.
Don't you think your
business is immoral?
Not to mention the legal side.
But Christian morality!
Stop preaching, doctor!
Who if not me stands on guard
Of the interests of matrimony?
This belongs to...
But let's not be immodest,
until this note gets into the
hands of the lady's husband.
But as soon as the lady
trades her diamonds
for this trifle, the marriage
will be saved.
Now, remember the abrupt
breaking off of
Miss Miles and Colonel
The "Morning Post" wrote about
it 2 days before the wedding.
And some 1200 pounds could
have saved that marriage.
Not to mention how
unfaithful and stubborn wives
send their trusting husbands
to heaven. When lord Hacksley
learned about the escapades
of his wife...
We read "The Times".
The heart of this young
40-year-old man
couldn't take the blow.
And who would be to blame?
Don't tell me It is I.
I still don't understand.
Why ruin people's lives if it
doesn't bring any profit?
You're mistaking there.
I benefit from that kind
of publicity.
I'm handling about 8-10
cases at a time.
If they find out I have severely
punished Lady Eve for instance,
the others will be more
You understand?
Let's see what the scoundrel
has in his pockets.
I have to deal with that kind
of attitude quite often.
No one can do anything to me!
If I have to use the gun,
the law will be on my side.
Besides I'm not that stupid to
carry the letters on me.
I expected something more
original from you,
Mister Holmes!
My dear brother, we've made
2 inexcusable mistakes.
First of all!
Instead of trying to impress
doctor Watson
with our brilliant family
we should have paid more
attention to the marker.
And second! To speak in a club
where everyone else is silent...
is the same as to shout when
everyone else is speaking.
As a result Milverton made
his move first.
He caught me by surprise,
without any facts or proof.
I'm not used to working that
way. I quit the case.
Are you suggesting that we
try to find the money?
It will be better that way.
And there's no other option?
I don't think so.
I feel sorry for the poor girl.
Don't, Escott!
What has Charlie got to
do with you?
If he gets near you, I'll kill
him like a fly.
I'll shoot his brains out!
And no regrets.
- Escott, you won't do that.
- Sure I will.
Milverton's estate is like an
impregnable fortress.
Gloomy-looking streets,
identical houses...
And all of a sudden amidst
all that - an ancient house!
A castle rather!
It stands in the middle of a
garden, surrounded by a high
wall, cracked from the dry
a stone wall, overgrown
with moss. It...
I see.
A high stone wall. Go on.
Right. Apart from the wall.
First of all, I saw the man
we had seen earlier.
Second, I bumped into a
sneaky-looking character,
who I think suspected
I'll shoot his brains out!
And no regrets!
Well I'll be damned,
That's not
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа

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