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Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа

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You remember the night when
in this very room
I stood on my knees begging you
to have mercy on me?
But you only laughed
in my face.
Just as you're laughing now.
Only your lips are quivering.
You thought you would never
see me again?
But I knew the way.
You don't think you scare me,
do you?
All I have to do is call my
servants and throw you out.
But I shall be lenient towards
the angry lady.
Your anger becomes you!
Just leave.
And let's forget the whole
I won't let you destroy any
more lives,
torment any more hearts.
I shall save the world from
the venomous viper.
He's dead.
Drop your gun!
I got you!
God dammit!
Here! They're here!
Where's your shoe,
Apparently, same place as
your handkerchief.
The police have them.
Did your handkerchief
have your initials on it?
Luckily, no.
Lets hope, everything will
end well.
The main thing is that lady Eve
is safe now.
I wasn't too careful either.
There's my blood on the
greenhouse door.
The police to see you,
Hello, Mr. Holmes.
Good morning, inspector.
I would like to ask...
- You're not too busy right now?
- Not too busy.
Please sit down.
Thank you, I prefer to stand.
- Sit down, inspector.
- I won't keep you long.
Mr. Holmes, something very
happened in Hampstead
this night.
Unusual indeed, because
one crime
seemed to have overlapped
with another.
Tell me what happened.
I know you like cases like
this one.
I'm sure you do.
A murder without any traces
of theft.
- I'm sure you're interested.
- Yes and no.
- Depends on the details.
- The details are perfect!
A dramatic murder with
all the ensuing details.
- Very interesting...
- Go on, inspector.
I would be much obliged,
if you would personally go to
Appledor Towers.
We've been keeping the deceased
under surveillance for some time
and I must say, he was a
real bastard.
In his safe he kept papers
that he used for
blackmailing people.
But after he was murdered all
the papers were burned to ashes.
Not a single valuable was
This tells me
that the criminals were people
of a high social status.
- There were several?
- Two.
We have evidence.
Blood on the glass door, a
tennis shoe, footprints,
a handkerchief.
That's evidence all right.
Yes! We nearly caught
But the first one was agile,
And the gardener caught
the second one, but he got away
leaving only his shoe.
He was a man of average
sturdily-built, with a
broad face,
red moustache, and wearing
a mask.
Such a general description
could fit anyone.
Even Watson.
- You flatter me, inspector.
- Yes, exactly.
I'm afraid I won't be able to
help you, inspector.
First of all, I am very busy
right now.
Secondly, you have enough
And most importantly, I knew
this man Milverton.
He was one of the slimiest
bastards in London.
Let's hope he has been punished
according to his deeds.
I won't take this case.
Well, it is up to you,
Mr. Holmes.
But if I have any questions,
I'll come to you for advise.
I'll be happy to help
you out.
Good-bye, Mr. Holmes.
Well I'll be damned!
What the dickens devil!
I solve crimes all my life,
and I fail to cover my own
Mr. Holmes, there's a letter
for you.
Thank you.
"Dear limb of the law!
You've overstepped the limit.
Beware! M."
Lestrade is not a fool
after all.
This note is his work.
He must have noticed the
shoe in the fireplace too.
We're up to our ears in this.
The story is just beginning,
and Lestrade has nothing
to do with it.
Where's this year's reference
book "All London"?
- Letter "M"?
- No, letter "H".
Lord Christopher Hacksley.
Look up his address.
I didn't call the police.
We're not from Scotland Yard.
We are private detectives.
Thank god, my husband
died his own death.
I am in no need of private
detectives either.
I'll get down to business.
This morning me and my friend
Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона: Король шантажа

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