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Преступление в Раю

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Go back home,
and turn yourself in.
- Ok.
- Tell them what happened.
Argument, accident, nothing more.
Then you demand
- to see an attorney.
- You!
Don't designate
the attorney until you're charged.
Around Monday, so I'll have time
to look up
recent marital crime cases
involving bread knives.
You're great,
let me kiss you!
Not necessary.
Don't miss your train.
Follow my instructions.
Thank you sir, thank you.
Still mad at me?
Gonna change clothes.
Go on and change, asshole.
To you, my Jojo.
Come on, no grudges, ok?
Let's make a toast!
Haven't you had enough already?
To forget your ugly mug!
You forget my mug pretty fast
when I'm gone.
You lose no time
having your fun.
Having my fun?
Having my fun, who with?
With Jacky.
What the hell are you saying?
You even dream about him at night.
Don't know why you say
he's got "long hands."
But Jacky doesn't
give a shit about you.
Fat cow!
How dare you!
- How dare you!
- Lulu, no!
You ruined it!
Shit, shit!
Lulu, Lulu, Lulu!
Oh, no...
I shouldn't be drinking.
Gotta keep my cool.
The tureen.
The tureen.
What did I say?
She threw it at my head.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Magali!
Happy birthday to you!
Jojo, right on cue!
Have a drink,
it's Magali's birthday.
Happy birthday.
Look at you. What happened?
- Lulu tried to kill me.
- That's terrible!
That bitch, I told you so.
- At least you're alive.
- Thank you, Mary.
Yes, but...
She's dead.
What're you saying?
Don't tell me you did it?
Not on purpose, it was an accident.
Why are you staring?
Don't you believe me?
Sure I do.
It's fate.
Yeah, a cruel fate!
I'm turning myself in.
Good for you, Jojo.
Go back to Paradise,
I'll call the cops.
What's going on?
A tragedy at your place?
My wife is dead.
Don't be silly.
Tell me where Lulu is.
In the kitchen.
- Nothing was touched?
- No one went in.
Let's go.
Call the prosecutor.
Let's see.
She died about 1-1/2 hours ago.
Around 9 p.m.
We were having soup.
Ok, how many wounds?
One. Remove the knife?
No, after the pictures.
- Briscot!
- Here, Mr. Prosecutor.
Drink that, it'll help.
What's wrong with him?
On the floor!
A vomitory!
Leave the glass.
Yes, boss.
It's strychnine.
Call an ambulance!
No pictures!
Clear the way.
- Is he dead?
- Almost.
I didn't mean to, Ma'am.
I promise.
We're with you, Jojo.
It was either her or you.
She got what she deserved.
We'll all testify for you.
Who'll take care of my goats?
Happy to see you, sir.
You won't be in a minute.
The deputy died?
No, he'll pull through.
Sit down!
Officer Fortin's report.
It confirms the crime occurred
on April 4 at 9 p.m.
But the same day,
you came to tell me
you killed your wife
the day before: Thursday!
Thursday, Friday...
all the same to her.
Not for me!
Why did you come?
To find out how to go about it.
I followed your instructions.
- Instructions?
- That's right.
The knife, the tureen,
the jealousy. You can be proud.
But that's murder!
No, it's an accident.
Who'll believe it when they hear
you came to see me?
It makes me your accomplice!
That's right.
As soon as I saw you on TV,
I knew you'd get me off.
I had it made.
You can't say no
to another acquittal.
Yes I can, it's too immoral!
You got me to kill my wife,
after all.
I did not!
Well, you told me how.
Same thing. Or worse.
That's insane.
Anyway, I didn't kill my wife.
She tried to stab me.
It wasn't me, ok?!
Wait, come back!
Come back!
Let's talk about the poison.
It was strychnine,
a mole-killer called Tutop 10.
- Did you buy it?
- No.
Never saw a mole in Paradise.
So it was your wife.
It'll take time to prove it.
It was in my glass.
That's not enough?
That doesn't prove anything.
You could've planted it there
to frame her.
Good idea.
I never thought of that.
Maybe next time.
You're appearing in
Преступление в Раю Преступление в Раю

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