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Преступление в Раю

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Tutop 10,
how many boxes?
Isn't one enough?
Depends how much land you have.
A vegetable garden.
Start with one, you'll see.
There you go.
One Tutop 10 mole trap.
And a pair of gloves.
I didn't ask for gloves.
They come with it,
I strongly recommend them.
Is it dangerous?
- Is it fast?
- Instantaneous.
Your name is Mrs...
Am I required
- to give my name?
- Yes, or I wouldn't ask.
Lucienne... BIondeau.
Lucienne Blondeau.
Liberation Street.
Will that be all?
Of course.
That'll be 29.90, Ma'am.
If you've never used the product
I strongly recommend
you read the instructions.
An accident
could happen any time.
Good-bye, Ma'am.
It was a pleasure.
Besides that?
- The Brйmond case.
- No.
- The president of the Bar insists.
- I'll talk to him.
I won't defend a child murderer!
- The Aix-en-Provence case.
- No again.
That bastard kills old ladies.
When do I see the prosecutor?
You've got time.
And a man is waiting outside.
He came a long way to see you.
Who is it?
You're lucky, Mr. No-name,
Mr. Jacquard has agreed to see you.
That's nice of him.
Very nice.
Come with me.
Don't just stand there.
You wanted to talk to me?
I'm in a hurry.
I have a meeting in an hour.
Go ahead!
Ok, here goes...
I killed my wife.
Really? When?
Last night, at dinnertime.
And you're walking free?
No one knows it.
Except you.
I didn't shout it from the rooftops.
How did you kill her?
Come on, you've got to know!
It's awful, horrible.
- With a knife?
- That's it, with a knife.
If you poison her,
that's premeditation.
A knife's better, I thought so.
You thought so
before or after she died?
That the knife was better.
That's what you said.
Pardon me?
The knife idea came from you.
That's absurd.
I should've killed her differently.
I never said that.
So it's good I did it that way.
- I said yes.
- That's a relief.
You know a lot about this,
but for me...
it's my first killing.
I didn't want to goof.
You call that a goof?
Ok, what kind of knife:
Kitchen, bread...
That's it, a bread knife.
With teeth?
Yeah, just little tiny ones.
Where did you hit her?
In the kitchen.
No, I mean where on her body?
I don't remember.
Is it important?
Not in the back?
No, not in the back,
she was facing me.
In the stomach, then?
In the chest?
Between the two.
About the knife,
- where'd you get it?
- On the table.
You didn't go get it, it was there.
Yeah, that's right.
Who set the table?
Lulu... Lucienne.
She always does.
Until last night.
So, you're having dinner,
an argument breaks out.
It's terrible.
We'll work out why later,
but she's wrong.
She knows it and insults you.
You start losing patience.
You both stand up.
She's like a wild beast.
You pick up the knife to...
...to cut some bread, let's say!
Let's say!
She gets carried away by anger and...
Did she drink?
I'll say!
- A lot?
- Worse than that.
- Are there witnesses?
- The whole village.
I've got the jury in the bag!
I've got it!
She's drunk, she hits you,
she lunges at you,
and by a twist of fate,
without you wanting it,
or imagining it,
she falls on the bread knife.
I feel like I was there.
Is that how it happened?
Just like that.
Sort of an accident.
Don't think too fast.
Involuntary homicide
is a good start.
I'm not to be disturbed!
So, there was an argument.
What about?
It doesn't matter.
- She was always picking a fight.
- Tell me.
She must've done something?
She sure did:
Made holes in my buckets,
slashed my tires, pissed in my soup.
She even burned my stamp collection.
- I could say more.
- That's why I'm here.
Did she try to poison you?
I wouldn't put it past her.
Apologize to the prosecutor.
Ask him to reschedule for tomorrow.
Thank you, sir.
Let's get started: Name, profession.
Joseph Victor Poacher.
Is your profession important to you?
Poacher is my name.
My profession is breeder.
Преступление в Раю Преступление в Раю

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