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Преступление в Раю

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Sure, coming right up.
My friend, have you seen your face?
Like you had a run-in with death.
What's going on?
- Tell me!
- She pissed in my soup.
She did what?
She pissed in my soup.
You think that's funny?
If you start believing
all the crap
she tells you,
you'll end up as twisted as her.
Think about it!
Maybe she went heavy on the salt.
But otherwise it's a joke,
my friend.
Damn it, tell him it's a joke!
Of course! She ate it, didn't she?
There you go.
So you haven't eaten?
I've got something.
How about some soup?
- What kind of soup?
- Pumpkin.
Alain Peyrefitte,
advocate of the death penalty,
just adjourned the debate
begun by Mr. Badinter
in favor of its abolition.
Mr. Jacquard,
did you think you'd win?
No, the jury
was for the prosecution.
And you turned them around.
You think your client is innocent?
Who said that?
He killed his brother-in-law.
No, the jury realized
that there's a difference
between an assassin and a murderer.
An assassin prepares his crime.
A murderer kills
in a burst of anger.
- There goes my speech again.
- Mr. Jacquard,
isn't there some danger in that?
What danger?
You encourage people
to go all the way.
I do?
If a criminal hires you,
he'll go free.
I never thought of that.
Just doing my job.
Seems you're interested in assassins.
Not like the public.
Take out the short news items,
and newspapers'll
lose half their readers.
Dramatic trials
always make the front page.
- Killing is disgusting.
- For some of us, it's a living.
Today marks your 25th acquittal.
Why not celebrate?
What will you do tonight?
Take a bath and go to bed.
Touch me.
Your hands do me good.
Your long hands.
Touch me.
Big Jacky!
"Big Jacky."
Well, what do you know?
Hey, Jacky!
Thanks a lot!
What for?
Watering the flower!
Come here.
Show me your hands.
My hands?
They're not so long.
Well, thanks again.
Are you alright?
Would you like some help?
Did you lose someone?
Who asked you?
Take off, asshole!
Hey, Jacky!
Is that you, Jojo?
Martine, is Jacky there?
No, he's on a repairjob.
Ok, never mind.
Bye, then.
Good-bye, Jojo.
Making repairs.
Watering flowers.
Magali, get me a galopin, would you?
- Thanks.
- There you go.
Is your husband around?
He's at the town council.
That's great.
You ok, Jojo?
Just fine, thanks.
Got any olives?
- Yeah, sure.
- Thanks, Magali.
Hey, Jojo!
You still here?
That was a pretty long meeting!
- It's a lot of work.
- Sure it is.
Jojo, you ought to head home,
or Lulu'll let you have it.
I don't want to disturb them.
What's that you say?
Nothing, don't worry.
Well, look at that.
To you, Jacky.
My album...
Where's my album?
Where is it?
For god's sake, my album!
Is it there?
It's not there.
Where's my album?
Where's my album?
- Where's my album, for god's sake?
- What album?
- Where'd you put it?
- Oh, your album.
Yeah, where'd you put it,
you drunk?!
I needed space for my jam.
Where'd you put it?
Where'd you put it?
You didn't!
My stamps!
My stamps.
You burned my stamps.
You burned my stamps.
Gonna start bawling?
Go right ahead.
I bawled enough already.
Well go on, hit me!
Hit me! Kill me!
They'll cut your head off!
We'll be together for all time!
Can't do it, can you?
No balls in your pants, nothing.
Starting today,
I'm gonna make things even worse.
Because this is my place.
You understand?
All this is mine.
The house, the land, the buildings!
You've got zilch!
Even the goats are mine.
I can slaughter them
and have a barbecue!
A big ol' barbecue!
I'll invite the whole village!
Even your shitty old schoolteacher!
And we'll have a great time, asshole!
Where're you going like that?
None of your business.
Out of my way!
What d'you think you're doing?
Hey, asshole!
Where'd you learn to drive?
Asshole wants to run me over!
What the hell is that?
That's right!
I need some mole-
Преступление в Раю Преступление в Раю

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