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Преступление в Раю

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have before us an assassin
of the most sinister kind.
On the surface, he looks human.
But underneath lies a predator.
Throughout the trial,
not once did he express regret.
Not a shred of pity for his victim.
So why should we show any pity?
This man is an animal.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,
I urge you
without hate, but without weakness,
to choose a punishment
that reflects his crime:
The death penalty.
Well, I'll be damned.
Joseph Poacher.
Chin up.
Your plea
for clemency was rejected.
Head out the window...
Wake up!
please approach the bench.
Joseph Poacher.
After deliberating,
the court finds you guilty
of voluntary homicide,
in extenuating circumstances.
In punishment,
the court sentences you
to 4 years in prison,
with 1 year deferred.
The hearing of this court
is hereby adjourned.
- No guillotine!
- Of course not.
4 years is a lot,
I expected less.
But it's nothing!
Minus a year in custody,
a year deferred,
you'll do 18 months, tops.
Well, ok, thanks.
We'll take care
of everything, Jojo.
It'll go fast.
She's right.
It'll go fast.
Thank you.
Thank you, th...
Lestrade, Poacher,
you've got visitors.
Hey, Jacky!
I'm happy to see you.
I thought you hated me.
I was mad.
What was that about?
Clean slate,
like the mistress would say.
- Is she ok?
- Yeah.
Seems like it.
- Tell her I said hello.
- Ok.
And the village?
- How is it?
- Good.
You're a big hit.
This was good for everyone.
"Good" for everyone?
It was in the papers,
so people started coming.
Business is picking up.
The cafй owner
added 8 tables outside.
Wow, so many!
You bet, 8 tables.
I left a package at the door.
We all chipped in.
We got you some goodies
and a new album,
for a new collection.
Stamps again?
Don't forget,
you go tomorrow.
Pack your things.
Here they come!
One, two!
Go on, start reading.
"Dear Mr. Poacher,
"the village ist proud
to hellcome..."
- Welcome.
- "To welcome you.
"The powet said..."
The writing's bad!
The poet didn't say that.
He said:
"After rain comes good weather."
"After rain comes sun.
"From us to you, Mr. Poacher,
"we want to say..."
I'll say
what she's trying to say.
We're glad you're back,
because we're glad.
Give him the flowers.
No grudges, Jojo.
No false moves, Jojo.
Good thing there were tourists.
I lost my best client.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Here you go.
You do the honors.
Never mind, I'll do it.
How many pieces?
Isn't the mistress here?
True, I haven't seen her.
Here you go.
I can stay.
No, I'd rather be alone.
See you tomorrow.
See you.
- Wait, my keys.
- Oh, right.
Stupid of me.
I didn't want to throw out
Lulu's things until you said so.
I'll do it tomorrow.
See, we wouldn't let Paradise
go to the devil.
Thank you, Ma'am.
The whole village pitched in.
You can thank them all.
Magali broke your faux-Chinese vase.
Good, I never liked that vase.
Give me one.
A cigarette?
I always wondered
what they taste like.
Were you angry?
I told you,
but you didn't listen.
Water under the bridge.
Just like I imagined.
Mind if I invite myself to dinner?
No, just the opposite.
- I'd love it.
- Set the table.
I made some nice pumpkin soup.
- You like that?
- Yes.
- I'm glad.
- It's my favorite soup.
Marilyn had a kid.
It's not a male, I hope?
No, a female.
A pretty, wild brown one.
That makes 4.
What will you name her?
It has to start with an M.
I've got Marilyn,
Marlene, Mistinguett...
What about Mireille?
Who was that?
The Song Conservatory,
As we lie on the hay
The sun shines down its rays
And a little bird
Sings from far away
You have a nice voice.
It's ok.
I'm no Callas, though.
- No, no thanks.
- Really?
- Mireille it is?
- Yes.
Mireille it is.
How does the song go?
As we lie on the hay
The sun shines down its rays
And a little bird
Sings from far away...
Преступление в Раю

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