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Where's your car, Justin?
It's near the market.
Is that the official thinking then
that Arnold killed Tessa?
I'm afraid that's looking likely.
Do you think
that he was her lover?
I'm afraid that's looking likely too.
What were they doing
up at Lake Turkana?
Romantic setting.
Sorry to have to say it, old chap.
But why suspect Bluhm then?
I mean, there may have been others
Other lovers.
If she was an unfaithful wife,
why stop at Arnold?
I wouldn't listen to rumor,
Unless you've evidence?
Yes, evidence.
That's always the problem.
Be a good chap
and leave this to us.
There are proper channels
for these things.
Ghita, hi. Thanks for coming.
So why did you want to meet here?
Something that we shouldn't
be seen talking about?
I know that Tessa and Arnold
wrote a report
on the ThreeBees trials,
And I need to know
what happened to it.
What makes you think I know?
Because they trusted you,
and so do I.
Help me, please, Ghita.
All I know is that Tessa
gave Sandy a copy.
Sandy? Why him?
Sandy was a compromise
Arnold wanted to go public with it.
Tessa wouldn't.
Because she wanted to do it your way,
through channels.
But, Justin, I wouldn't bother
looking for it.
If it threatens British commercial interests,
it would've been shredded.
She could've brought it to me.
She didn't want
to get you involved.
Ghita, why didn't she
want me involved?
To protect you.
Do you know if she showed
the report to anyone else?
Kenny Curtiss.
Time of the month, Kenny?
Fuck off.
Might help if you took
the fucking flag out.
Well, get closer to the fucking hole,
and maybe I will.
Interesting man you got there, Crick.
Must be the only white caddy in Africa.
Look, KDH are waiting for me
to default on my Dypraxa commitments,
And I have a cash flow problem.
What are you lot going to do about it?
We never promised
to protect you commercially.
You protect me?
That's fucking rich.
A word or two from me
in the right black ear,
a couple of cases of Krug,
And you'd be on the next plane
back home.
I mean, I spend more money
on champagne in a year
than your shop's annual fucking budget.
Oh, there you go
Cause of your cash-flow problem.
You're in my eyeline, old chap.
You're what passes forJames Bond
around here.
Get Her Majesty's secret service
to pull a few strings.
It's what you spies do, isn't it?
Is it?
Never really sure what it is we do.
Don't even think about
bullying me, old man.
I'm not a member of your gentlemen's club.
I don't have to play by the rules.
So it seems.
Call that one in, shall we?
Mr. Curtiss, I'm sorry
to disturb your game.
My name is Justin Quayle
from the High Commission.
I believe you knew my wife, Tessa.
Justin. Didn't know
you were a member here.
Yes, I met her
at one of your parties.
She came to see you, I think.
She gave you a report
that she had written on Dypraxa.
Justin, I really don't think
this is the time or the place
I hope you didn't find her too troublesome,
because she could be a terrier
when she had a scent.
Huh, sounds like you're
describing a bitch.
I'm sorry about your loss,
But I don't remember
being given any report.
Well, that's odd,
because she noted it in her diary.
Then you know more than I do.
Didn't know, uh
Didn't know Tessa kept a diary.
Well, I think Tessa was right then, Tim.
You don't know everything.
I know where you're going
on Tuesday.
Next, please.
Sorry about the weather.
It's hardly your fault.
Oh, dear. We've had some forgeries
on the diplomatics.
I'm gonna have to keep this,
I'm afraid, sir.
- What?
- The F. C. O. Will issue you
with a new one in a few days.
What if I want to travel with it?
Just two, three days at the most.
Are you saying that's a forgery?
It does happen, sir,
even on diplomatics.
But that was issued to me a year ago
by the diplomatic office
Sir, the F. C. O. Will take care of that.

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