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Преданный садовник

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Oh, Tessa.
Hi, Gloria.
Been wondering
where you'd got to.
Darling, you know,
we really have to leave now.
Match starts in half an hour.
Harry's got a cricket match.
That is, you're still coming, right?
Yes, of course.
You're not too busy, no?
One sec.
Right. Okay.
Justin's waiting for you in the car.
All right. Tell him
I'll be right down.
Sandy, what do you think of me?
I think you're beautiful.
Do you?
Well, you can have me
if you show me the letter.
Are you serious?
Um, when I get back from Loki.
If anyone ever found out—
I'd shown you the letter,
I'd be ruined.
No one's gonna know, Sandy.
Put it back in the drawer.
Lock the drawer.
Put the key back.
Read it at once.
My continent, Africa, is staggering...
Under the weight of not one,
but three plagues.
Yet still the governments
of the U. S. A. And Europe,
At the behest of the pharmaceutical companies
that seem to control them,
Drag their feet and continue
to give us endless reasons...
Why we should buy your branded drugs
at five, 10, 20 times the price.
Sweetheart, don't bother
to see us off. It could be ages.
Okay, well, if you're sure.
It's too hot to be
standing around.
Bye, Arnold.
Let me take your bag for you.
Thank you.
Bye, sweetheart.
See you in, uh— in a couple of days.
Inside a car and had been mutilated.
Turn it off, will you?
Certainly. Sorry.
Mr. Quayle.!
- Mustafa.
Tessa's family.
- Yes.
Police were here, bwana.
This morning. They took away
Mama Tessa's things.
Better make a list
of what's missing.
See? I told you.
They took away the CD's,
the diskettes, the computer.
They came here and took the—
the files, the papers.
Just didn't want to touch anything
so that you can come
and see for yourself what they did.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you, Mustafa.
Darling Tessa, you have hurt me
more than you know.
Trusting you to be honorable,
I afforded you, against all the rules,
An opportunity that you have abused
in the worst way.
I beg you, for the sake of my career,
to return what you took.
If you will not, then at least save
what is left of me...
By chucking in your ridiculous sham
of a marriage, as I will mine,
And bolting with me
to the end of the earth.
I love you, I love you...
And I love you.
I'm sorry to have been
so long, Sandy.
Seems they've been in here too.
Anything missing
in the bedroom?
Her laptop's gone
and her disks and all her files.
Yes. It's a mess.
What's in that?
Oh, uh, her will,
Amongst other things.
Seems she wanted
to be buried in Africa.
Darling Tessa. Hmm.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Could someone please explain
what they're doing, please?
Look, Justin, it— it's just concrete.
It's to keep the grave robbers out.
Tessa expressed a wish to lie...
In African soil,
not in bloody concrete.
Nothing can grow in concrete.
Kindly tell them to leave,
please, Ghita.
And you too, please, gentlemen.
Thank you. It was kind of you to come.
Kioko. It's Kioko?
You're Wanza's brother.
You brought a card for Tessa?
You walked here?
Did you walk?
Thank you.
You'll always protect me, won't you?
Yeah. Of course.
Of course I'll protect you.
And I'm gonna protect you.
Hi. You're a million miles away.
Yes, I was. Um, I'm taking refuge
in my nasturtium seeds.
Listen, you know—you know
that I'm here for you, don't you?
Yes, I do. Thank you, Ghita.
You're a good friend.
I, uh— I'm afraid I wanted
to ask you a question.
Rather a delicate question.
L—Well, maybe it's indelicate.
What do you think that Arnold and Tessa
were doing at Lake Turkana?
Oh, I see.
You know, they did spend
enough time together to give everyone
the impression that they were—
Come on, Justin.
You know what this
Преданный садовник Преданный садовник

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