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I said, what the fuck is that?
Tessa, it's pesticide.
It It's just unbelievable.
Would you just get that thing
out of this house?
Well, if you feel that strongly about it,
yes, Tessa anything.
It would help if you might explain to me
what's upsetting her.
I mean, this doesn't kill people, does it?
Unless they swallow it?
What? Then can you tell me
why she's so
You have to trust her, Justin.
It's hard, you know,
when shewe don't talk about
- Does she blame me for losing the baby?
- Of course not. Give her time.
Tell her I'll be back later.
Wherever there are drug companies...
Testing their drugs on people
who they think are expendable,
You'll find organizations like ours
trying to fight back.
Of course, the problem is that they have
millions to spend on P. R...
While we work with volunteers
and a few donated computers.
If you're gonna dig deeper,
then most of us have Web sites.
Check out Oxfam, M. S. F.,
Health Action International
Put it in here.
Just mind the roses, please, Mustafa.
Hi, Birgit.
Sorry. More questions.
Tessa never sleeps.
Always time for you, Tessa.
Take care of yourself, Tessa, okay?
I'm very tired. I'm sorry.
I can't translate that word to you.
So you'd better ask that kind,
nice husband of yours
Okay. See you, Tessa.
It's bloody awful weather.
You really shouldn't have waited up.
Good. Then I think
you should go to bed.
I'm safe home now, sweetheart.
No, you're drenched.
Look, take those wet things off.
Tessa, come to bed
with me, please.
Yeah, l
I will, but there's, um, something
I have to do first. It's important.
Whatever it is
that you and Arnold are doing,
I'd like it to stop.
Who have you been talking to?
No one. These are
my concerns, all right?
- I'm thinking of your health.
- No. No, you're not.
They've asked you to rein me in,
and you're doing it.
It's just unbelievable.
What the hell are you talking about?
I hope you know me better than that.
Your life is your own.
That was always our agreement.
No. No, no. The agreement was...
That my work was gonna be my own.
That's what makes me who I am.
I mean, if you stop me from doing my work,
then I am nothing. I'm just nobody. L
I'm not trying to stop you
doing anything.
I'm sorry.
I'm just tired. That's all.
Very tired.
Then come to bed.
Will you get me up for breakfast?
I've got to finish my report.
Just smash it like that.
Oh.! Right.
Now if you just put those there.
You want probably to break them up
into smaller pieces.
A bit more vermilion.
Oh, you're just very blas,
aren't you?
You know, just through feel.
No, I wouldn't No.
I wouldn't call it a parasite, no.
You're gonna be late for your match.
Quick, quick, quick, quick!
Kenny, I can't discuss this on the phone.
Wouldn't even give me an appointment.
Time was you buggers couldn't get
your tongues far enough up my arse.
What's changed?
If I find out that this has got
anything to do with that bitch
Come to my office.
L I've got to go, Kenny. Bye.
Having trouble with ThreeBees, Sandy?
Just Kenny being Kenny.
Oh. Nothing to do
with my report then?
Oh, he's just ranting.
Oh, Sandy, you promised me
you were gonna do something.
I sent your report to London.
To Pellegrin?
There was no official response.
Well, what was there then?
Well, just a personal letter. That's all.
It's private.
What do you mean,
it's private?
That's the most ridiculous thing
I've ever heard.
I sent him an official document.
I gonna have to call Pellegrin
and ask him.
No, no. Don't do that, Tessa.
It's serious.
You know me well enough to know
that I'm not gonna take no
for an answer. Come on.
I'm supposed to keep an eye on you.
Report where you are,
What you're doing.
Trust me, Tessa.
This is something
that you should not pursue.
I say that as a friend
who cares deeply for

- 27

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