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baby in a week.
Can I come and visit you
in the hospital?
You want to visit me in Uhuru?
Uhuru? Tessa, you're not
having it there.
Oh, Sandy, come on. Kibera women
have their babies there every day.
It's perfectly safe.
No, it's not. It's madness.
Just Can I just choose
Wait a minute. That looks a good one.
Shall we run away?
Yeah, come on then.
Take me for lunch.
- I'm fine. Thank you.
How are you?
I'm fine. Thank you. How are you?
How are you?
I'm fine. Thank you.
How are you?
I'm fine. How are you?
- Look, near the car.
- Jomo is getting a test.
Of course. You told him to.
It was a suggestion,
not an order.
- What are they carrying
in those littlejars?
- It's probably saliva.
But that's not how you test
for H. I. V. Here, is it?
They're also testing for T. B.
When they test for H. I. V.,
they also test for T. B. Free here.
- What, just for free?
- A small extra service to humanity.
They're a drug company,
Arnold. Come on.
No drug company does
something for nothing.
Is there... something
you're not telling me
Hello, Sandy.
I'm so sorry, Tessa.
Gloria sends her sympathies.
What can one say?
It was a boy.
- Did Justin already tell you that?
- Tessa. Tessa.
This one was born healthy though.
Weren't you,
my beautiful, beautiful darling?
His name is Baraka.
It means blessing.
I... don't quite see.
Who the mother is?
Her name is Wanza Kilulu.
She's 15, and she's dying.
Kioko's 12.
He walked 40 kilometers
just to keep the flies off
his sister and her baby.
Perhaps that's the blessing.
Darling, please don't.
Please sit here, Mr. Woodrow.
I'll wait outside.
Thank you.
Kioko, here you are.
You sweetheart.
- Justin, my darling, could you please
go and get me a fresh bottle of water?
- Hmm? Sure.
Now, Sandy?
If I tell you something,
Will you listen to me?
Not here, Tessa.
No, Sandy,
if I tell you that that
That that girl over there
was being murdered,
would you believe me?
Tessa, you're tired.
You're feverish.
No. No, I'm not.
Now we haven't got all of the evidence yet,
but when we get it,
If I bring it to you, will youwill you
actually do something for once?
What you need is rest.
Now what I'm I'm talking about
are coincidences.
Tessa, you've got to stop involving yourself
in matters that don't concern you.
You're embarrassing the High Commission,
and you're not doing Justin's career any good.
Justin doesn't know what I do.
That doesn't surprise me.
Sandy, you've got to promise me...
That you're going to act
on what we tell you.
Me and Arnold.
All right. I promise.
Within reason.
Within reason.
Uh, there's a man.
She's raving mad.
You've got to get her to a proper clinic.
With white doctors,
Mr. Woodrow?
For Christ's sake, Justin,
she's your wife.
Yes, she's my wife.
You see, she's dead.
What did you give her?
It doesn't matter.
Dr. Lorbeer, you have got to stop
testing on patients with H. I. V.
- It Look at me.
- I have to go.
Justin, stop the car.
Stop, stop, stop.
Why? What is it?
It's 40 kilometers to Miluri.
It's gonna take them all night.
We can't involve ourselves
in their lives, Tessa.
Be reasonable.
There are millions of people.
They all need help.
That's what the agencies
are here for.
Yeah, but these are three people
that we can help.
I'm sorry, Tessa.
I have to put you first.
I have to get you home.
Probably got enough
there now, Mustafa.
I think.
Just the flowers this time, please.
You can spare the weeds.
The pest must eat too, bwana.
Yes, I know. If only they would.
They can eat the weeds.
Look, you should be wearing gloves
with that, you know?
And there's a mask
if you want it.
It's an outrageous thing. It's almost as if
it's a it's a marriage of convenience
And the only thing it's gonna produce
is dead offspring.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
- What the fuck is that?

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