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Were you?
I would love to,
But maybe after... Arturo is born.
Oh, Tessa.
We're not calling him
Arturo, please.
Why not?
No. Not Not Arturo...
Or Giuseppe
All right. Then what about...
Garth Daddy's name?
No, no. Come on.
No, not Garth
or ditto Che or any
I just don't want any of these
mad, eccentric, hippieish
Yes, your revolutionary half.
I think we should call him, in that case,
Che Muffin Quayle.
Yes, the Quayle genes.
Where do you get Muffin from?
No one's heard of muffins.
High tea by the jolly study fire...
While the starving mob
burns London.
Is that Is that how you see me?
I see you buying the mob
fish and chips...
While you wait
for law and order to return.
And I love you the way you are.
What about Arnold?
What about Arnold?
As a name.
Be such a nice gesture.
Well, perhaps it'll be a girl.
Mmm. I think it's a boy.
I think it's a girl.
You'd better get dressed.
Move that tray.
Dry these glasses.
- Can you open your windows, please?
Please get out of the car.
Dr. Joshua Ngaba,
Kenya Health Ministry.
Sir Bernard Pellegrin,
head of F. C. O. Africa desk.
May I convey Her Majesty's
warmest greetings?
I thought that Arnold
was going up-country.
He is. Oh, don't worry.
He's not gonna take me.
I've already asked him.
Good. And, Tessa
I'd be happier
if you stayed out of Kibera,
At least until
the baby's born anyway.
Um, just you wait until
I'm single again.
Hello, Tim. How are you?
Are you struggling through
without Maude tonight?
One of her party headaches.
I take mine standing up.
Oh, how manly of you.
Isn't it just?
Hello, Arnold.
Hello, Ghita, darling.
Ooh, what a lovely sari.
Interesting guests, Mr. Donohue.
This is Kenya, Dr. Bluhm.
Seems only fair to invite the odd native.
Mmm. The health minister's turn,
was it?
So it seems.
Who's that he's talking to?
I have no idea.
Thought your spies
knew everything, Tim.
Only God knows everything.
He works for Mossad.
You've met Dr. Ngaba, have you?
Yes, at the opening
of a new state-of-the-art clinic...
Without autoclaves
for sterilizing.
Probably converted them
into a Mercedes.
I've never met an alchemist before.
Tessa, darling.
Ah, Tessa.
Hello, Porter.
May I introduce Tessa Quayle,
Dr. Ngaba,
The wife of our representative
for aid effectiveness?
Pleasure to meet you.
How do you do?
And this is Dr. Bluhm
from Mdecins dans I'univers.
Good evening.
Dr. Bluhm and I have met.
Yes, it was at the opening for the clinic
that didn't have the sterilizing equipment.
We never met, Dr. Ngaba,
but I know your work.
Do you know Sir Kenneth Curtiss,
Chief Executive ofThreeBees?
- Yes, also by reputation.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
Company here in Kenya.
We're very proud ofhim.
And which of the bees are you?
You were going to show us
the garden room, Porter.
There is just one thing
that I'd like to thank Dr. Ngaba for
The free nevirapine.
He's, uh, persuaded the manufacturers
to donate it to H. I. V. - Positive mothers.
It's a wonderful thing.
Shall we?
The problem is,
it isn't actually reaching them.
Some, but not all.
So we've been wondering,
is that a standard cock-up, Dr. Ngaba,
Or or were the pills converted
into the limo that you arrived in?
I think that's probably enough.
If you'll come through here, Doctor.
Excuse me.
You've gotta do something about Tessa.
Well, what would you
like me to do, Sandy?
Well, she's embarrassing our guests.
Her and that bloody Bluhm.
There'll be hell to pay,
I can tell you.
Well, the the squall
seems to have passed.
If you can't control her,
you should keep her locked up.
You're wanted on the veranda,
Mr. Woodrow.
Are so big here, they'll be best
towards the back of the border.
Hey, sexy.
You look divine.
Sandy, I think you're a pervert.
Stop looking at me like that.
We're to have a

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