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buy me a drink.
I'm Justin, by the way.
Tessa. How do you do?
Pleased to meet you.
Yeah, yeah.
Pleased to meet you.
- You were quite scary,
but I don't blame you.
It was absolute bollocks,
So you're quite right to challenge
I'm rather nervous,
I have to confess.
Me too. This way.
Oh, do come in.
Yeah, please. Of course.
Thank you.
You lead the way.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Take a left.
All right.
There we go.
Thank you.
For... this wonderful gift.
How very generous of me.
No, l
YouYou're so
You know what I mean.
I know what you mean.
I feel safe with you.
I can imagine when you were six.
You leading the revolution.
No. No, I was very conventional.
Here, Justin, put this on.
Mr. Quayle? Please.
Know this lady, sir?
Yes, I do. It's, uh
It's my wife, Tessa.
Come on.
My God, what a surprise.
How'd you get in?
Take me to Africa with you.
What? Roll you up in a rug?
Pack you in a tea chest?
Very funny.
I'd have to smuggle you in
as illicit goods.
I couldn't declare you.
Oh, listen. I could put you
in one of these plant boxes, and
You'd be very comfortable
wrapped up in a little piece of, uh
I could label you. "Tessa."
I'm serious.
Um, yeah, I can see you are.
And in whatwhat capacity
should I take you to Africa?
I don't mind. You can take me
as your mistress, lover, wife.
There's too much choice.
LWell, I'm
I'm flattered
that you would like
No. No.
Justin, please don't
say that sentence.
Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
That's really
Just yes or no?
Well, wewe hardly know
one another. I mean
You can learn me.
Learn you?
Yes or no?
Then l
A gift.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
It's beautiful.
- Hey.
- Arnold.
That's so nice.
- Isn't it beautiful?
- Yeah.
They made it for me.
Hey, Mr. Bluhm.!
Ooh. Take my hand.
What did you give her, Arnold?
Nevirapine. The government clinic
didn't have any again.
Yes, Mama Tessa?
Have you had your test yet?
If she's H. I. V. Positive,
chances are you are too.
Look, Dr. Bluhm, I really must go.
We can talk about this later.
Thank you.
Take you 10 minutes.
- Woodrow is very particular about time.
I will be in trouble. Bye.
- I'll see you later.
You shouldn't be
wandering around in this heat.
Arnold, stop fussing.
You're as bad as Justin.
If you were my wife,
I'd tie you to the bed.
Then what would you do, Doctor?
That's another story.
Tell me what you'd do.
All right.
Now, for the first time,
We are exploring a new territory.
This is a new discovery...
For the famous marine biologist
Jacques Cousteau.
You are a voyeur.
It's fantastic.
Now we are going down, down, down.
Oh, what do we have here?
Wipe it.
I must keep this new discovery
for posterity...
And admire the new person inside.
You have to go wipe this.
Go and wipe it.
Wipe it right now.
No, I can't wipe it.
I'm completely inept with computers.
- I'm gonna keep it.
I'm sorry. I love it.
Will you see who that's from,
What is it?
The e-mail.
Oh, it's, um
It's just junk some ad.
- For?
- For the Nairobi Hilton.
Oh, my boobs hurt.
Would you, uh, mind, uh
Weekend package deal.
Two nights for the price of one.
Mmm. Two guests
for the price of one.
Sweetheart, would you come
and make yourself useful?
Yeah, I'm coming.
My darling. Sweetheart,
I'd like you to put this up
right in the middle.
So, um
Right there.
What do you think?
I think it's gorgeous.
I think it's very tangled.
No, no, no.
I meant I meant
about a weekend at the Hilton.
Oh, no. It's a bit flashy
for my taste.
Is it?
Oh. I wouldn't know.
L I've never been there.
Well, I have. I was there the other night
meeting someone with Arnold.
Oh, well, just a thought.
Were you just inviting me away
for a dirty weekend at the

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