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Преданный садовник

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you, I'm sorry.
Do you think you could post
that envelope for me?
It's quite urgent.
Ah, Rome.
If we have lost in Justin and Tessa...
Two valued friends,
The diplomatic community
has lost a true gentleman—
Courteous, self-effacing,
Large ofheart.
That he chose to take his own life
in the same remote spot...
Where Tessa met her tragic death...
Is a sad reflection
ofhis tormented state of mind...
But also typical ofhis discretion.
He would not have had us troubled.
He would not have had us inconvenienced.
Nothing in his life became him...
Like the leaving it.
I have, uh, chosen a text I know
Justin and Tessa would approve.
It's an epistle.
"My Dear Sandy:
Your naivetй is beyond belief.
"Knowing our arrangements
with KDH and ThreeBees,
"you send me
this half-baked report...
"by some bleeding heart
diplomatic wife and her black lover...
"and ask me to take action.
"The only action required,
apart from shredding the thing,
"is to keep a tighter rein
on your resident harlot.
"I want to know what she does,
where she goes, whom she meets.
"The issue here is deniability.
"If nobody told us
Dypraxa was causing deaths,
"we can't be held responsible.
"But, my dear Sandy,
should it ever become known...
"that we've closed our eyes to the deaths,
"none of us would survive the scandal.
"I still have great hopes of you.
My love to Gloria.
Yours Sincerely, Bernard."
This way, sir.
What do you have to say, sir?
It was a bizarre sort of suicide.
His body bore no fewer
than eight bullet wounds...
From three different guns,
None of which was the one
found in his hand.
So who has got away with murder?
Not, of course, the British government.
They merely covered up,
as one does, the offensive corpses.
Though not literally. That was done
by person or persons unknown.
So who has committed murder?
Not, of course, the highly respectable firm
of KDH Pharmaceutical,
Which has enjoyed
record profits this quarter...
And has now licensed ZimbaMed of Harare...
To continue testing Dypraxa in Africa.
No, there are no murders in Africa.
Only regrettable deaths.
And from those deaths
we derive the benefits of civilization,
Benefits we can afford so easily...
Because those lives
were bought so cheaply.
I know all your secrets, Tess.
I think I understand you now.
You want me to come home.
But I am home.
Mr. Quayle.
Преданный садовник

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