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Преданный садовник

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Africa, Mr. Black.
Blood on their hands?
It's how they expiate their guilt.
the aid agencies, everybody.
This whole machine
is driven by guilt.
Is it?
And now you will sample
my goat stew. Come with me.
So tell me, Robert,
Do you believe an individual
can redeem himselfby good acts?
I do, yes.
Maybe the redemption
is in the struggle, huh?
God has your head.
The devil has your balls.
So which particular devil had yours?
Oh, you don't want to know
about that, Robert.
What's your paper
really interested in?
In the big
pharmaceutical companies.
African guinea pigs.
Cheap trials for unsound drugs.
Uninformed consent extorted
with threats against children.
Who are you?
Payoffs, cover-ups.
You were in Nairobi.
At the hospital.
Unmarked graves.
I knew I'd seen you
somewhere before.
You're the husband.
That's right, Dr. Lorbeer.
Markus.! Markus.!
Something's going on out there.
Why did my wife come here?
She—They had written this report.
Sixteen pages of inspired guesswork.
I was supposed to provide
the missing clinical data.
Testify on tape.
And did you?
This could be a raid.
Tribesman. Nasty.
They steal cattle, food, children.
- I think maybe we should leave.
- Did you testify on tape?
She was a very persuasive woman,
your wife, Mr. Quayle.
And, no, I do not have the tape.
They took the tape.
But you kept a copy
of the report, yes?
Yes, I did. You're welcome to it.
Level four alert!
They're leaving in five minutes.
If you don't want to die, my friend,
you'd better come with me to the airstrip.
- We can still make it.
- What were Tessa and Bluhm
doing at Lake Turkana?
Are you crazy?
We've got to get out of here, man.
I mean, these people,
they kill anybody. Sorry.
Have you lost your senses?
- There was something else!
There was a letter!
Look, you're a lunatic.
Do you know what you're doing?
You're killing us both.
We'll take our chances with them.
- Get down!
Abuk.! You okay?
Come with us, quick. Run.
Wait. Wait!
Be careful!
Abuk, be careful!
Hurry on up!
Where have you guys been?
Sorry about that, Jonah.
- I'm sorry. I can't take the girl.
- I'm not leaving her.
- We're only allowed to evacuate aid workers.
- Well, to hell with what's allowed.
I'll— How much do you want for her?
- Look, there's $800.
- Don't embarrass me.
You can't buy this. The rules
are made for good reason, please.
This is a child's life!
There are no rules to cover that!
Look, there are thousands
of them out there.
I can't make an exception
for this one child.
Yes, but this is one we can help! Here.
Abuk.! Abuk.! Abuk.!
Listen, that's the way it is here.
Keep your money.
Strap yourself in, and let's go.
What— What'll happen to her?
She might make it to a refugee camp...
if she's lucky.
This is what you came for,
I believe.
Your wife would have made that tape public,
Mr. Quayle, with my voice on it.
That letter was my insurance policy.
But how did they know
where to find her?
They were on their way to Marsabit,
taking the whole rotten package
to Grace Makanga.
Makanga would have put it
in front of the U. N.
But someone knew exactly
where Tessa and Arnold would be.
That was me.
I radioed Nairobi.
KDH security man name of Crick.
God, Christ, man.
I didn't know they
were gonna be murdered.
My oath to God.
Crick's going to know
that you were up here.
Going to be very interested
to know where you're headed.
What do I tell him?
He'll know.
He's been there before.
Mr. Andika?
I'd like to apologize
if I embarrassed you earlier.
It's all right.
Do you think that it would be possible
to land the plane here?
Lake Turkana? It's possible,
but you don't wanna go there.
It's—There's nothing there
but crocodiles.
Let me take you back to Loki.
Well, l— I wouldn't be alone for long.
Please. I'd be, um— I'd be grateful.
I have one more favor
to ask
Преданный садовник Преданный садовник

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