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Преданный садовник

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tortured to death
on the same day Tessa was killed.
Which would seem to exonerate him.
Seem? So what's the new theory?
That he tortured himself to death?
That'd save you looking
for anyone else, wouldn't it?
Moving on.
What is the purpose of your visit?
I'm seeing a friend.
Welcome to Kenya, Mr. Black.
Thank you.
Has anyone seen
ThreeBees' share price lately?
Does that mean he won't be able
to contribute to tombola?
Hardly Kenny's fault if someone
put the word out on him.
Wish I'd know that's all it took.
I'd have done it sooner.
I expect he'll land on his feet.
Give him a life peerage.
Henceforth you shall be known as
Lord fucking Curtiss of fucking Kenya.
Whoever you are, I don't
take kindly to being blackmailed.
Christ. How did you get here?
Safari tour. Via Paris.
Hunting me now, Justin?
You're the one on the run.
I loved her.
I'm not ashamed of it.
Nor should you be...
if it were true.
It's not for you to tell me
how I felt.
If you've read that, you'll see
that I let her read something
she shouldn't.
Yeah. A letter from Pellegrin.
She trusted you.
What do you want for that?
I want to know why Pellegrin
suppressed Tessa's report.
It was him, wasn't it?
Don't try and play detective.
ThreeBees, KDH, Dypraxa.
What's the story on that axis of evil?
KDH is Swiss-Canadian.
So why are we involved?
Curtiss is one of us.
He's British.
Christ, Justin, stop bleeding
for bloody Africa
and show some loyalty.
That plant KDH built in Wales
could have gone to France.
Fifteen hundred jobs
in a depressed region.
We owed them.
They needed help
with the Dypraxa trials.
KDH needed
an investment partner here.
Curtiss and ThreeBees
served us both.
And Tessa wanted what?
Pressure on Kenny...
To stop the tests,
redesign the bloody drug.
Three years' delay,
millions of dollars.
We're not paid
to be bleeding hearts.
You know that, Justin.
We're not killing people
who wouldn't be dead otherwise.
Look at the death rate.
Not that anybody's counting.
But you were
a bleeding heart, Sandy.
Tessa was your salvation,
wasn't she, from all this?
You loved her. Remember?
Pellegrin said the report
was too damaging...
And she had to be stopped.
Oh, yes. She was stopped.
I betrayed her.
We all did.
You did it by... growing flowers.
How did you betray her, Sandy?
They wanted to know
what she was up to.
I'm the one who told them
she was going to Loki.
- Who did you tell?
- Pellegrin.
But God knows who he told.
Ghita, get in the car.
Get in the car!
- Go!
Get in.
Listen, fuckhead,
if I wanted you dead,
I would've brought Crick with me.
I wanna show you something.
Show me from there.
Don't mess me about.
I'm doing you a favor.
How did you know where I'd be?
I've still got a friend or two, you know?
We're marked men, Quayle.
They've called in my fucking bank loans.
I'm finished.
They want you silenced.
And they want another country's flag
flying over my pharma division.
So, you've been asking
about Wanza Kilulu.
She's under there,
covered in quicklime.
Her and 62 others
who never officially existed.
Is that where I'm going?
Not on my agenda.
Then why are you
showing me this?
Let's just say
if I'm going to the wall,
I want a trophy.
That's what you lot do,
isn't it? Heads on walls.
I think I'll have Pellegrin's
fucking head on mine.
So, now you know where it is.
I'm not taking any fucking questions.
What about Lorbeer?
That Bible-thumping bullshitter,
he's doing his penance in the Sudan.
Jesus the healer.
You don't know where I'm going?
You get one guess.
I'm gonna surprise you, Tess.
- I love this man.
- Hello.
I wish you had shared
just a few things.
I love you.
I love you too.
Who did you think it was?
Fuck you, Donohue.
This is bandit country.
Did you tell Curtiss where I'd be?
Ghita's car?
Well, Ghita's
my only friend here, Tim.
I wouldn't want her
to get into trouble.
She won't.
You do
Преданный садовник Преданный садовник

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