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Преданный садовник

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Ham? Hi. It's Justin.
Do you still represent that
dodgy client in Amsterdam?
Sorry. Sorry. I only just got it.
Directions for use.
No air travel, no credit cards.
Never say your name on the phone,
or the computers will kick in.
Dodgy client adds,
"Welcome to my world."
Well, I don't want his world.
No choice, old chum.
Actually, I'm getting
a bit paranoid myself.
Look, suppose I posited
that all this was just coincidence—
Tess killed by bandits,
pure and simple...
And that you're being
as paranoid as she was.
Thanks for trying, Ham.
I have to finish what she started.
Well, look, look. I've got the address
of Aunt Claudia, the old bat in Rome.
If you need to contact me,
you'd better do it through her.
She adored Tess.
I failed her, Ham.
I lost my faith in her.
No, she forgives you.
She loved you rotten too,
you know.
You think?
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
It seems our erstwhile colleague
has disappeared.
Four days ago he lunched
in London with Pellegrin,
Who describes him as overwrought,
after which he visited his wife's lawyer...
Before going off our radar.
The poor man seems
to have convinced himself...
There was a conspiracy against Tessa
in which we are all complicit.
Lfhe has left the U. K.,
he did so without a passport.
Therefore, any contact from Justin
must be reported to me immediately.
In his own best interest.
No point asking if you've
heard from him, I suppose?
No, no, Tim, none at all.
Birgit, why are ThreeBees spending
$70 million testing Dypraxa for KDH?
I mean, is the African market
worth that much?
Tessa, you have to understand
the scale of this.
There is a T. B. Epidemic coming.
It will affect the entire world.
Or, put into the language that stock
exchanges all over the world understand,
If the T. B. Market performs as forecast,
Billions and billions of dollars
are waiting to be earned.
And the boy to earn them is Dypraxa.
Lf, of course,
the preliminary trials in Africa...
Have not thrown up
any disturbing side effects.
Ich suche Birgit.
Ich bin Justin Quayle,
Tessa Quayle's Ehemann.
- Michael Adams.
Okay, Herr Adams.
She collects Karl at 3:00
from the kindergarten at Bahnhofstrasse.
Karl, here.
You sent this to my wife.
I need to talk to you.
Our computers
were stolen last night.
Yes, I know.
They have never gone
this far before.
I can't be seen with you.
Sorry. I've Karl to think of.
Is there some safe place
we could talk?
Nowhere. Nowhere safe.
Please. Just... a few questions.
Okay, let's talk here.
With these people.
All right.
Okay. My bike's across the street.
Ask your questions before we get to it.
Is it a scam?
Does it cure T. B.?
Yes, it cures.
But it can also kill, you know,
because they haven't got
the formula right.
Right. So why don't they work on that?
It's cheaper to fix the trials.
Exclude the patients that
have side effects, you know.
To go back to the lab would
cost them time— two years—
Millions of dollars, and other companies
would have time to produce their own cures.
Okay, next question.
You said to Tessa in your e-mails
that the Kenyan government
had approved the trials.
Somebody bribed them.
ThreeBees, Lorbeer.
We don't know.
But $50,000 in the right hands,
and you can test battery acid
as skin lotion.
My bike's there.
Stop! Stop!
- Stop!
Who is Lorbeer?
Birgit, is it a company?
A white coat.
He invented Dypraxa.
When patients started to die,
Lorbeerjumped clear.
Is that why Tessa went to Lokichogio?
Is that where Lorbeer is?
We've gotta go. I'm sorry.
Where can I find him?
Birgit? Where?
Go back to Africa.
Lorbeer's still there.
Tessa, why didn't you tell me?
I could have helped you.
It is my sad duty to inform you
that Dr. Bluhm has been found.
I'll spare you the details.
Suffice to say, the poor fellow...
Seems to have been
Преданный садовник Преданный садовник

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