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Преданный садовник

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Look at him.
The boy is two-thirds machine.
I'm telling you, it's scary.
Mind of a computer.
Appetite of a waste disposal.
And what's the other third?
Oh, Manzini, unquestionably.
Those e-mails from Tess—
Guido helped me with them.
Company stuff. Boring.
Mm. Ownership, franchises,
that sort of thing.
I'm trying to find out
who brokered the marriage.
What marriage?
KDH and ThreeBees.
KDH make Dypraxa.
ThreeBees test it.
It's a marriage of convenience, of course.
Both in it for what they can get out of it.
That phrase about the marriage—
Is that Tess's phrase or yours?
Oh, hers. Hers.
Producing dead offspring.
Oh, this is so good!
Why don't you try some.
It looks disgusting.
I can get that stuff
through her mirror server.
Well, how do you do that?
All you need is the password. Duh.
Yeah, but I don't have her password.
Come on, Jus.
Five letters. Three guesses.
- I have no idea.
- My name— Guido.
She used the one for the "l"
and the zero for the "O."
- I set it up for her.
- Wait, wait.
- Give him a chance to read it.
- Lightning tour. I'm printing as I go.
What's Hippo?
German— German Pharma Watch.
Keep an eye on what
the drug companies are up to.
Copy that.
KDH. Can we open that?
Sure. No problem.
A new plague is sweeping the world.
In the 21 st century, multi-resistant
T. B. Will kill one in three.
- But now there is hope.
- It's huge, isn't it?
KDH is developing a revolutionary
treatment for T. B. Sufferers.
It's global.
We call it Dypraxa.
You will call it life.
And I call it a blockbuster.
Karel Delacourt Hudson.
The world is our clinic.
It's gonna sell like hotcakes.
- Can you magnify that photograph?
- Magnify it? He can send it out
for doughnuts.
Is it possible to zoom in on it?
Yeah, sure.
It's Pellegrin.
Why is he there?
There's a personal file.
Do you mind if I open it?
No, sure. Go ahead.
Ti amo.
So you'd better ask that kind,
nice husband of yours to translate.
He's got very delicate little ears.
He's dreaming
about his favorite things.
He's dreaming about...
A world without any weeds.
Justin Quayle,
it's time to get up.
Go away.
You're very annoying.
Time to get up, Justin.
Get up.
This is really just not fair.
It's time to get up.
Tessa, just let me sleep.
There's gardening to be done.
Weeds to be pulled out.
Good morning.
Come back to bed.
Good morning.
Oh, sweetheart.
Moral dilemma, Ham.
And the person that I most
want to tell can't be told.
I had a creepy love letter today.
It's not your fault.
From a five-star creep.
You've got to move on, huh?
I've cold-bloodedly led on.
I stole something from him.
And worse,
I made him a vile promise...
That I have absolutely
no intention ofkeeping.
Oh, do come in.
Yeah, please. Of course.
Thank you.
You lead the way.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Take a left.
I really hate to think how
it would hurtJustin ifhe knew.
I've violated his code, Ham,
In the most cynical way.
And the end
thatjustifies my means?
I need this creep to help me
blackmail Her Majesty's government.
Please tell me I'm not a ruthless bitch.
Please tell me thatJustin
would understand ifhe knew.
If you give me the wrong answer,
then I will push you into the Tiber...
Like I did when we were 16.
Ciao, my darling.
Thank you.
For this wonderful gift.
How very generous of me.
No, l—
Here, Justin, put this on.
I like it here.
This is where you work from?
Won't make any difference.
That's the official line
of the Foreign Office.
I thought you were like that.
I thought you were one of those
privileged revolutionaries.
- My lady.
- Am I?
These plants— If they were children,
you'd be prosecuted.
I do water them.
When I remember.
You say you're all into saving lives
around the world,
But you let your poor plants die.
I say put people first.
Why don't you water them?
You're being cruel.
I feel safe with you.
I can imagine when you were six.
You leading the
Преданный садовник Преданный садовник

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