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to see you.
I want to see her too.
Do you mind
if "the filthy one" comes along?
You sure it's okay?
Kyoto is so nice and relaxing.
Nothing like this in Tokyo.
Just clouds of dust!
Professor, do you visit
Kyoto from time to time?
I haven't in years.
This is my first trip since the war.
My goodness.
Mr. Somiya!
So, Nori-chan,
does she look filthy to you?
Stop it.
I'd like to hear your thoughts.
What's this all about, Father?
We're talking about indecency.
Isn't that right, Noriko?
We really walked a lot today.
Aren't you tired?
The last time
I went to Kodai Temple,
the bush clover was splendid.
What are your plans
for tomorrow?
Misako is coming
for me at 10:00.
Where are you going?
Why not try the museum?
Sounds nice.
- Shall we turn in?
- Yes.
Shall I turn off the light?
- Yes.
I didn't know his wife at all,
yet I said such terrible things
to Mr. Onodera.
What did you say?
I mean, his wife
is such a good person.
They make a wonderful couple.
How could I have said
they were filthy?
Don't let it worry you.
What I said was unthinkable.
He never took it seriously.
- You don't think so?
- No.
It's fine.
even in your case,
I found the idea really distasteful.
It's good
she's finally marrying.
She'll make a good wife,
no doubt about it.
Better to have a son, though.
It's pointless to have a daughter.
You raise them
and then off they go.
If they're unwed, you worry.
Yet if they do marry,
you feel let down.
But didn't we marry
other men's daughters?
You have a point.
Father, please hand me that.
How time flies.
One minute we arrive,
and the next we're leaving.
But I loved it here in Kyoto.
I'm glad we came,
but a day in Nara
would've been nice too.
Why didn't we do this
more often?
This is our last trip together.
You'll be busy
when we get home.
Your aunt is waiting.
I hope we find seats
on the train tomorrow.
I never took you places,
but now your husband will.
Satake will dote on you,
I'm sure.
What is it?
What's the matter?
I want us to stay as we are.
I don't want to go anywhere.
Being with you
is enough for me.
I'm happy just as I am.
Even marriage
couldn't make me any happier.
I'm content with this life.
Yes, but that's -
No, no.
You marry if you want to, Father.
I just want to be
by your side.
I'm so fond of you.
Being with you like this
is my greatest happiness.
Please, Father,
why can't we stay
just as we are?
I know marriage
won't make me any happier.
That's not true.
You'll see.
I'm 56 years old.
My life is nearing its end.
But your life as a couple
is just beginning.
You're starting a new life,
one that you and Satake
must build together.
One in which I play no part.
That's the order
of human life and history.
Marriage may not mean happiness
from the start.
To expect
such immediate happiness
is a mistake.
Happiness isn't something
you wait around for.
It's something
you create yourself.
Getting married isn't happiness.
Happiness lies in the forging
of a new life shared together.
It may take a year or two,
maybe even five or ten.
Happiness comes
only through effort.
Only then can you claim
to be man and wife.
Your own mother wasn't happy
when we married.
For years,
we had our troubles.
Many times I found her
weeping in the kitchen.
But she put up with me.
You must believe in each other
and love one another.
All the love you've shown me
must now be given to Satake.
Do you see?
From this a new happiness
will be born.
You understand, don't you?
You do, don't you?
Forgive me
for being so selfish.
So you do understand.
I was being very selfish.
I'm glad you understand.
I didn't want you marrying
feeling the way you did.
Marry him.
I'm sure you'll be happy.


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