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drank sake.
Gobbling up sashimi
with that big painted mouth -
I was shocked.
Of course she ate.
Food was scarce for so long.
At my wedding, I was too filled
with gratitude to eat a single rice ball.
If it were today,
you'd eat plenty.
But I guess
there's no way to know.
- You'd eat.
- Perhaps.
- No doubt about it.
- Okay, I would.
But I wouldn't eat the sashimi.
- Yes, you would.
- You think so?
- Absolutely.
You don't want a bride whimpering
from sadness at leaving home,
but if she seems
entirely unaffected -
Can't be helped these days.
What about Nori?
She's not the whimpering kind.
That's not what I meant.
What about her marriage?
Her health is better, right?
Yes, but -
She should have married long ago.
What about that young man?
- Who?
Your assistant.
Well? How about him?
He's a nice young man,
but I don't know how Noriko feels.
They spend time together.
Nothing serious, though.
How can you know
how she feels deep inside?
- Maybe you're right.
- I am.
That's how
the younger generation is.
Why don't you ask?
- Who?
- Nori-chan.
- About what?
How she feels about Hattori.
Indeed. Perhaps I should.
It's the only way
we'll ever know.
One never can tell.
I'm back.
Welcome home.
You're early.
- Was the train crowded?
- No, I got a seat.
Your aunt sent some pickles.
They're in the bag.
You have a PEN Club meeting
on the 28th.
We're meeting
at the country club this time.
That's this Saturday.
Mr. Hattori was here.
Just past noon.
Would you like dinner now?
We took a bike ride together.
- You and Hattori?
- The beach was delightful.
- Did he have news for me?
- No, not really.
Noriko! A towel!
- Did you share one bike?
- Goodness, no! I borrowed one.
- We're out of soap.
- Really?
My sash.
So Shichirigahama was nice, eh?
- Yes. We went to Chigasaki too.
- I see.
Try some of this.
What do you think of Hattori?
Think of him?
He's quite nice.
Would he make
a good husband?
I'm sure he would.
Think so?
- He's so kind.
- Yes, he is.
I like his type.
You aunt was wondering
how he would be.
For what?
For you to marry.
- What is it?
- Tea! Some tea, please.
What's so funny?
He's already engaged.
Has been for a very long time.
She's very sweet and beautiful.
Three years behind me at school.
- I see.
He'll tell you about it soon.
I know the girl very well.
I see.
We should send a gift.
I see.
So Hattori's getting married.
What should we get them?
So he's already engaged?
- What would you like?
- Gosh, that's hard to say.
Just a hint.
If it's from the professor,
something to remember him by.
We can only spend
about 3,000 yen.
- I'm not sure.
- Anything around that price?
Let me think about it.
- With your fiance?
- Yes, that's right.
Do you want to hear
the violinist Mari Iwamoto?
- When?
- Tonight. I have tickets.
How nice.
You bought them for me?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Of course.
- Are you sure?
I think I'll pass.
She might get the wrong idea.
- It's all right. Let's go.
- No.
- She won't mind.
- I'm still not going.
Pickled radish strung together?
Yes. My blade
must be getting dull.
Good evening.
- Who's there?
- Mr. Somiya?
- Is that you, Aya?
- Yes.
- Good evening.
- Come in.
- Is Noriko in?
- She'll be home soon. Come in.
Please join me.
I was visiting
my sister in Hayama.
I hear you've been
doing well lately.
In what way?
You're getting a lot of work.
Not that much.
I hear typists
are in great demand.
I'm not a typist.
I'm a stenographer!
I see. Sorry.
You can do English shorthand too?
- I sure can.
- That's outstanding.
- Not


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