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married right after graduation?
Ah, Ikegami?
Yes, she was.
She's a sly one.
She told Lady Tsubaki
she only has three children.
But she has four.
She fudged by one.
- Four already?
- Yes.
"Square-jaw Shinoda" was there too.
- Really?
She left her job
at the radio station to get married.
Really? To whom?
- A fusspot in the Mikawajima barracks.
- Really?
I'm just guessing,
but doesn't it fit?
- Some bread and tea.
- You shouldn't have.
Anything else you need?
- There's no sugar.
- You're right.
Don't bother. I'll get it.
I'll be turning in, then.
Good night, Aya.
Good night.
- Would you like some bread?
- A little later.
Did he forget the spoons too?
- Alas, he did.
Was Watanabe there?
She couldn't make it.
Her tummy is this big.
Seven months along.
When did she get married?
She didn't.
That's horrible.
These things happen.
Everything is divine providence.
Only you and Hirokawa
haven't married yet.
When are you going
to get married?
I'm not going to.
Hurry up and get married.
- I don't want to.
- Get on with it.
Who are you to lecture me
about marriage?
I'm an authority
on the subject.
You're a divorce.
So what?
I only have one "out. "
Next time I'll get a run.
Still stepping up to bat?
Why not?
I just struck out.
Next time I'll crack it
out of the park.
Come on.
Hurry up and get married.
What's so funny?
I'm serious.
How about that bread now?
That can wait.
I'm starving.
Never mind that.
Then I'll eat alone.
I'd like some too, actually.
I'll get it ready.
- You have any jam?
- Yes.
- Could you bring just a bit?
- You mean a lot... "actually"?
Why don't you go play ball?
Did you get in a fight?
why are you so angry?
The paint won't dry.
What paint?
On my bat.
- You painted your bat red?
- Yeah.
There's paint all over the hallway.
Your mother will get angry.
- She already did.
- Did you cry?
No, I didn't!
Leave me alone, you nag.
Big talk for a crybaby.
I'll get you with this.
Get out.
- Noriko.
- Has your guest left?
She's on her way out.
Come down a minute.
Cut it out!
You're grounded today.
This is Mr. Somiya's daughter, Noriko.
This is Mrs. Miwa.
I see you often in Kamakura.
Do forgive my staying so long.
- Not at all.
- If you'll excuse me.
- Thank you for coming.
do you have a moment?
Have a seat.
What is it, Auntie?
Isn't it time you got married?
That again?
Leave it be, Auntie.
I will not leave it be.
Sit down.
I have a fine prospect.
Won't you meet him?
His name is Satake.
He studied science at Tokyo University.
He's from a good family.
He works at Nitto Chemicals.
His father was a director there
until the war.
He's 34.
Just right for you.
His office speaks highly of him.
What do you say?
He looks like that American.
The man in that baseball movie.
Gary Cooper?
That's right, Cooper.
Looks just like him.
He has the exact same mouth.
The top half is different, though.
How about it?
Please meet him.
He's a fine young man.
What do you say?
I don't want
to get married yet.
You don't? Why not?
Why not?
It would create
all sorts of problems.
How so?
For Father.
I'm used to him
and can handle him,
but you know
he can be difficult.
If I left home,
Father would be lost.
That can't be helped.
I'm the only one
who knows what he needs.
Forget about your father for now.
What about you?
I couldn't do that to him.
Then you can never get married.
I don't care.
Nori-chan, that Mrs. Miwa -
how would she be
for your father?
What do you mean?
Your father will need someone
if you leave home.
I was wondering
if she would do.
Come and sit back down.
She had a good


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