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Did you see the guy shooting
his air gun at that pigeon on the statue?
Just like William Tell!
Here you are.
Professor Shigeno
dropped by last night.
Oh? Is he still in town?
He went home this morning.
By the way,
this is Somiya's daughter.
And all grown up now.
The one who had bobbed hair?
- That's the one.
- You don't say.
Your father comes here often.
- Shall I warm some sake?
- Yes, please.
would you like a sip?
No, thank you.
Something else, then?
Or something to eat?
I'm fine for now.
Allow me.
- Thanks.
Bring us a little something.
- Yes, sir.
You know...
I heard that -
That you remarried.
Yes, I did.
- I feel sorry for Misako.
- Why?
It's just...
strange, don't you think?
Doesn't seem that way.
They get along quite well.
I wonder.
I'd find it distasteful.
What's distasteful?
My wife?
No. You!
It seems... indecent.
- Filthy, actually.
- Filthy?
How far I've fallen!
Filthy, eh?
Any better?
- I'm afraid not.
No good, eh?
I'm really at a loss.
Really! Indecent, eh?
- That's right.
I've really gone and done it,
haven't I?
I'm home.
I'm back,
and I brought a guest.
- Hey there.
- Well, well.
I was on my way home
when I ran into Nori-chan.
In town on a business trip?
Yes, the education ministry again.
Father, I brought you something.
Where'd you finally find them?
Well, they certainly
weren't here at home.
Ta da!
You found them at Takigawa?
You went there?
Yes, I made her
keep me company all day long.
- More sake?
- That would be great.
- Do we have any?
- Warm it up, please.
How was your blood count?
- Down to 15.
- Really? That's good.
She's looking much healthier.
It was forced labor
during the war that made her ill.
And spending her rare days off
lugging home potatoes.
Terrible times.
How she must have suffered.
I'm afraid there wasn't much.
Don't you worry.
Is your family well?
- Yes, but it seems I've sinned.
- How so?
Nori-chan insists it's indecent.
- What is?
- I am.
She says I'm filthy.
Don't you, Nori-chan?
That's right.
Is Misa-chan well?
Somehow she got the idea in her head
that marriage is life's graveyard.
She refuses to marry
before the age of 24.
Come to think of it,
she may be right.
Anyway, there's nothing I can do.
But what about Nori-chan?
Yes, it's time
I did something about her.
She's 27, right?
- It's lukewarm.
- Let me -
That's okay, but make
the next one warmer.
Are you close to the sea here?
A 15-minute walk.
That's rather far.
Is it on this side?
No, that side.
And the shrine
is over this way, right?
No, that way.
- Which way is Tokyo?
- That way.
- So east is this direction?
- No, that direction.
- Has it always been that way?
- Absolutely.
No wonder Yoritomo
moved his shogunate here.
The enemy
couldn't find its way around!
You all right?
Not too tired?
No, I'm fine.
So which type am I?
Let's see.
I'd say you're not the jealous type.
Oh, but I am.
You sure?
As the saying goes,
when I slice pickled radish,
it comes out
all strung together.
That's a matter of the relative interaction
between you and the knife.
There's no logical connection between
pickled radish and jealousy, now is there?
So you like pickles
strung together?
At times I wouldn't mind them.
You don't say?
Young people have changed
so much since our day.
Take that bride last night.
She comes from a good family,
yet she plowed into the food
and even drank sake.
Gobbling up sashimi
with that big painted mouth -
I was shocked.
Of course she ate.
Food was scarce for so long.
At my wedding, I was too filled
with gratitude to eat a single rice ball.
If it were today,
you'd eat plenty.
But I guess
there's no way to know.
- You'd eat.
- Perhaps.
- No doubt about it.
- Okay, I would.
But I wouldn't eat the sashimi.
- Yes, you would.
- You think so?
- Absolutely.
You don't want a bride whimpering

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