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did he say?
He sat as usual, but he didn't object
Then why ask my opinion?
After all, I needed to know your reaction
I've no objections if he hasn't
Welcome home
How'd it go with your aunt?
Nothing Special
The bath is ready. Want to bathe?
What did she want?
Anything wrong?
What is it?
Where are you going?
Oh, they're both out today
Left early this morning
To see a Noh play, that's what
they were saying
Really? Would you give this to them
when they return?
Yes, of course
With my thanks
Certainly! I'm sorry you missed them
Want more kindling?
Yes, but come look at this
Why, it's Hattori-san!
I thought he was marrying Miss Noriko
Me too
Amazing. It looks just like him
And such a beautiful bride
The Noh was good today
Should we eat at Takigawa?
I have other plans
What kind?
Will you be late?
I don't know
Sorry I kept you waiting
I was making some short-cake
Put in too much vanilla but it's good
Come to my room
My, such cold hands!
Fumi, serve that cake in my room
What gave you the idea?
Tell me! What is it?
No special reason
Have some?
Is it very difficult?
Not too. After all, I manage
Come on, try some. It's good!
What made you decide to try?
What's on your mind?
Nothing in particular
You can't work for no reason!
I wouldn't have
if Ken had been halfway decent
But I must support myself
Go get yourself married
Save your advice
I'm giving it to you
Keep it to yourself
Get married for no reason
Not eating?
Not hungry
But, it's good!
Just a teeny piece
I made it. Try some!
Eat it. I'll force you to
Be hysterical. Don't eat
This proves you need a man
- Going?
- Home
Home? You're leaving?
Weren't you staying?
Stay with me overnight
I'm back
Where have you been?
At Aya's...
Got a letter from your aunt
Wants you to come. Day after tomorrow
She told you about it, didn't she?
Go meet him. He'll be there
Can't I refuse to go?
Oh, go on meet him
We can always turn him down
Come here
And sit down
Your aunt must have told you
about this Satake
I've met him. He seemed to be
a very nice boy
I'm sure you'll find him just fine
Go see for yourself
We can't be together forever
You must marry sometime
I think it's about time
And your aunt is trying
so hard, you know
But... I...
I want to stay with you
That's impossible
It would be
the most convenient for me, but...
Then, why not?
That wouldn't do
I've taken advantage of you for too long
I couldn't give you up
If you don't marry, I'd be really upset
But, if I do, how about you?
I'll manage
I'll get along
But, I can't get married
Your shirts and collars...
You'd never change them
You wouldn't even shave
Oh, I'd shave
And if I didn't clean off your desk
nobody would
You'd be eating burned rice
because you can't cook
You'd be helpless, I know
But, what if I relieved you of
all these worries?
For instances, if someone else
looked after me?
Just an idea...
You intend to do what Mr. Onodera did?
You'd remarrying?
You'd marry again?
Was she the one?
It is definite?
It's true? You're being honest?
Please, stay away
Leave me alone, please
You'll go. Day after tomorrow?
We're all so worried about you
You will go, won't you? For my sake
It'll be nice again tomorrow
What was her reaction?
She won't talk about it
But, it's a full week
since I introduced them
I have to give them an answer
Yes, I realize that
But pestering her could ruin everything
The other party approves
And I'm sure she didn't find him
She must approve of him. She must
Why did she go to Tokyo today?
You spoiled that child
I must have her answer today
When will she be back?
Look, I found a wallet
A good omen! The wedding will
come off
Not turning it in?
I will. It's such a good omen. Let's go...
What was he like?
What type?
Was he fat?
Skinny... then?
Well... which?
He played basketball in college
Oh? And good-looking?
What's he like?

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