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loved someone
would you dare to walk up
and propose?
You'd be squirming and blushing
and that's all
Arranged marriages are for you!
I didn't have one
They look at me now, never work out
Men are sly, no-good rascals
They butter you up until you're hooked
Then try to prove how awful they are
All marriages are alike
All the same, the same
marry him and if he's no good walk out
on him
No worry! It's that simple
Go on
All you need to do is smile at him
He'll fall for you
Then, you're the boss
That's exactly how it is
You think I'm joking?
That's the smile to use
Do as I say. It'll work!
She's so late
I'll come again
Wait a little bit!
She'll be home any minute
I hope she'll approve
She will. I know she likes him
She's shy
For one her age, she's a bit
You really think so?
Could she be bothered by mere trifles?
His name... for instance
Kumataro Satake?
What's wrong with it?
Sounds tough - Bear Boy
You're being old-fashioned
But doesn't it make you
doesn't it make you think of things
like hairy chests
It might bother a young girl
If she marriages him
What should I call him?
Kumataro sounds so crude
and Kuma-san is common
Kuma-chan is even worse
Yes, but he will need a name
That's the point! I'm calling him
How about it?
It must be her!
She's coming
She's coming
There's no mistake
- I'm back
- Noriko, are you back?
How did it go?
I'll go ask her
Be tactful
Don't worry
Oh, welcome home
About that boy you met
How about it? Have you decided?
I think it's a fitting arrangement
don't you?
Well, will you marry him?
How about it?
You will?
Really? You do agree?
Oh, thank you! I'll notify them
All right?
Wonderful! A real load off my mind
How'd it go?
She'll do it, just as I figured
Really? That's good
I have to run now
My, what a relief
I'll tell them
And... thank you!
I'll catch the 9:35
Then you'd better hurry!
Now my worries are over
I can sleep again
I'll arrange the wedding
Try to drop by to see me
This wallet did it
You'd better report it
Of Course
I must go now. Good night
Take care
- Goodbye
- Goodbye
Your aunt just left
She was really happy
You've no objections?
Not just resigned, are you?
Or still undecided?
No, I'm not
I see. Then that's all right
Sleep well on the train?
So did I
When I woke up, we were already
at Seta
I missed Nagoya completely
Sorry to keep you waiting
Tired, Noriko?
No, not very
I'm sure glad you came
You see, Noriko's getting married
This is our last trip together
Wonderful. My congratulations
Good work!
What's he like, Noriko?
How does he compare with me?
There's no comparison
I think you're much nicer
Really? I guess that calls for a real treat
How about lunch? The Hyotei, maybe?
Misako wants to see you
Want to see her, too
May the unclean come, too?
Kyoto is so nice and relaxing
Nothing like this in Tokyo
You come to Kyoto often, professor
No, not for years
My first trip since the war
Does she look unclean?
Stop it
What do you think?
What's unclean, father?
Filthy, that's all.
Eh, Noriko?
We really walked today
Aren't you tired?
The last time I was here
the bush-clover was magnificent
Any plans for tomorrow?
Misako comes for me at 10
Going somewhere?
Why not go to the museum?
Shall we turn in?
Yes... I'll turn off the light
I'm afraid I was very rude to
Mr. Onodera
What's the matter?
His wife is such a nice person
They make a wonderful couple
Nothing unclean about them
Don't let it worry you
I shouldn't have said it
It never bothered him
Is it?
So don't worry about it
Even in your case, I found it
really distasteful...
Finally decided to let her go?
She'll make a good wife
But a son is better than any daughter
Raise them, and off they go
If they're unwed, you worry
But if they do marry, you feel left down
Can't be helped
We married grown-up ones, too
That's true
Поздняя весна Поздняя весна

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