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You're so early?
No... I just arrived
Where's your father?
Hard at work...
has a deadline to meet
The moths have just ruined your uncle's
striped trousers
Could Katsu wear them?
Wouldn't he look odd in striped shorts?
Doesn't matter! Just ship off the legs
I could fix them, but...
I wish you would
You've brought them?
Don't bother too much
They won't last
But reinforce the seat
I was waiting for you at the station
I missed my train
Forgive the delay
We will now proceed
Oh... I have it!
Friedrich List... was that List
without the z?
I believe so...
Liszt was the musician
1811... to 1886...
Electric company to check the meter!
Might I use a stool?
Where is it?
In the corridor under the stairs
Professor, was List really
a self-made man?
Yes, and he became a noted economist
A man who hated bureaucracy...
3 kilowatts over this month
How many pages do we have?
12... or 13...
That means 6 or 7 more...
I'm back
Hello, Mr. Hattori
Sorry to disturb
Rewriting? Thanks
It saves me the trouble
Meet your aunt?
Yes, but she couldn't come
Make us some tea
Can you stay for dinner?
No, I have to rush off
Why? I can go to Tokyo with you
Tokyo? What for?
The hospital
And you need some new collars
Oh, that mah-jong hand you had
we over-calculated
Which means... 8 and 16?
So I was ahead, after all
Say, Noriko
Is Sei at home?
Go ask. We'll have a game
You're finished?
Well, Almost
No game, then
What about our tea!
You brought the manuscript?
Yes, of course!
Want to charge places?
No, I'm all right
Father, coming home early?
Yes, unless there's a faculty meeting
Watch your step
Just get here?
No, yesterday
You're looking well
Going somewhere?
May I join you?
You're not busy?
No, I'm finished
An art show. Want to look in on it?
But, I have to get some needles
Sure, let's go!
Tired, Noriko?
I enjoyed it
Hadn't been to Ueno in ages
But you know, things certainly
have been changed
See that boy aiming at the pigeon
on that statue?
Just like Wilhelm Tell!
Professor. Shigeno dropped by...
Oh? Is he still in town?
He said he was leaving today
Oh, this is Somiya's daughter
Really? And so grown up
The one who used to have short hair?
You don't say
Your father comes here often
Nori-chan... have some?
I don't drink
Would you like something to eat?
Not yet, but I'll pour for you
We'll have more
You know...
I heard that
That you've remarried...
Yes... I have
I feel sorry for Misako
It's... it's just not natural!
She doesn't mind
They get on quite well
I wonder. I'd find it distasteful
What's distasteful? My wife?
No. You!
It seems... well, unclean
Foul? Now I'm really in for it
I'm filthy, eh?
Any better?
No good, eh? Now, that's bad!
Really! Filthy, eh?
Yes, that's serious!
I'm back. Brought somebody
I hadn't planned to come
but she insisted
A business trip?
The Education Ministry again
Father, a surprise
Where'd you find these?
No wonder we couldn't find them
around the house!
My sake shop? You went there?
I made her keep me company
Like some more sake?
We have any?
Make it hot
How was the blood count?
Down to 15
Oh? That's good
She looks fine
Forced labor during the war
That did it
And spending her holidays scrounging
for food!
Bad times! She suffered
We had so little...
Don't you worry!
Your family, are they well?
Yes, but it seems I've sinned
Nori-chan insists I'm unclean!
Says I'm base and foul! Isn't that right?
Is Misa-chan well?
She's going around saying
that marriage is life's graveyard
Refuses to marry until she's 24
Come to think of it, maybe it's true
There's nothing I can do
But how about Nori-chan?
Yes, it's time I did something about her
It's only lukewarm
Warm the next one, better
Is the ocean near?
A 15 minutes walk
So far? Is it on this side?
No... this

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