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Getting married isn't happiness.
Happiness lies in the forging
of a new life shared together.
It may take a year or two,
maybe even five or ten.
Happiness comes
only through effort.
Only then can you claim
to be man and wife.
Your own mother wasn't happy
when we married.
For years,
we had our troubles.
Many times I found her
weeping in the kitchen.
But she put up with me.
You must believe in each other
and love one another.
All the love you've shown me
must now be given to Satake.
Do you see?
From this a new happiness
will be born.
You understand, don't you?
You do, don't you?
Forgive me
for being so selfish.
So you do understand.
I was being very selfish.
I'm glad you understand.
I didn't want you marrying
feeling the way you did.
Marry him.
I'm sure you'll be happy.
It's not difficult.
I'm certain
you'll make a good couple.
I'm looking forward to that day.
Soon you'll look back
on this conversation and laugh.
Forgive me...
for worrying you.
No, just be happy.
You'll try, won't you?
Yes. You'll see.
Yes, I'm sure you'll be happy.
I know you. You will.
I can rest easy.
I know you'll be happy.
It was raining a bit last night.
I was worried.
Fortunately the weather cleared.
Rain would have been terrible.
It certainly would have.
Where was your honeymoon?
Noriko's going there too.
Do they only have buses
from the station?
- No, there are taxis too.
- Taxis, eh?
you're wanted upstairs.
The bride's ready, and so lovely too.
Go have a look-see.
Is that so?
I'll go look.
She makes a wonderfuI bride.
- She's all ready.
- I see.
- Are the cars here?
- Yes.
Thank you for all your efforts.
All ready, I see.
We'll go on ahead.
- I'll take this.
- Thank you.
you have your fan, right?
Such a beautifuI bride.
I wish your mother
could see you.
Well, shall we be going?
We don't want to be rushed.
Anything to say to her?
- No, I've nothing more to say.
- Are you sure?
Then, Nori-chan, let's go.
For your loving care
these many years...
I thank you.
Be happy,
and be a good wife.
Be happy.
You'll be a good wife,
won't you?
Now, shall we go?
Another drink, Aya-chan?
This is my third.
I can handle five.
I once drank six and then fell down.
- You don't say.
Good to see you again,
Your daughter came in the other day
with Professor Onodera.
- So I heard.
- It's amazing. She's so grown up.
She's not here today?
- We just saw her off at Tokyo Station.
She got married today.
- You just came from the wedding?
My congratulations.
- Thank you.
Please come again.
Mr. Somiya.
Where is she now,
I wonder.
- I'd say around Ofuna.
- Probably.
It's going to be lonely
for you though, isn't it?
Not too much.
I'll soon get used to it.
Ready for number four?
Are you...
really going to remarry?
Why do you ask?
Because Noriko was
really worried about it.
That seemed
to bother her most.
Don't do it. Why marry again?
You mustn't.
But she wouldn't have married
if she knew I wasn't going to.
What a man!
You're just terrific. I'm very moved.
Don't worry.
You won't be lonely.
I'll come visit now and then.
I promise.
Yes, please do.
I certainly will.
What a wonderfuI feeling.
Number five!
The end.
You'll really visit, won't you?
I'll be expecting you.
Of course. I promise.
I don't tell lies like you.
- What?
Or at least
not as convincingly.
What else could I do?
It was the biggest lie of my life.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
Did Noriko get off all right?
Yes, thank you.
I'm glad. Please accept
my warmest congratulations.
Thank you for everything.
Well, good night.
Give my regards to Sei.
Good night.

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