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to Tokyo again today?
You're not taking this seriously.
I must have her answer today.
When will she be back?
- I don't know.
Look, I found a change purse.
What good luck!
The wedding will come off.
Aren't you turning it in?
I will. But it's such a good omen.
Let's go.
What was he like?
What type?
- No.
- So he was skinny?
- No.
Well, which was it?
He says he played
basketball in college.
Is he good-looking?
Tell me!
My aunt thinks he looks
like Gary Cooper.
What more could you want?
You've always liked Gary Cooper.
I think he looks more
like our electrician.
Does your electrician
look like Cooper?
Yes... very much so.
Then he must look like Cooper!
Really now!
I'll slap you!
I'm impressed.
You actually went and met him.
He sounds good.
What's there to think about?
Go on, marry him.
Good men are rare these days.
Grab him.
- But I don't like it.
- What?
Arranged marriage.
Don't be picky.
You'd never marry
unless someone arranged it.
- But -
- It's true, isn't it?
If you found someone
you liked,
would you walk up
and propose?
You're not that bold.
You'd just blush
and squirm in your seat.
That's true.
An arranged marriage
suits someone like you.
Mine wasn't arranged,
and look what happened to me.
Men are no good.
They're devious.
Before marriage
they only show their good side,
but once they have you,
everything awfuI comes out.
You never know what you're getting,
even marrying for love.
- You may be right.
- I am right.
Go ahead and marry.
If he's no good, leave him.
It's simple, I tell you.
Anyway, marry him.
Just smile at him sweetly.
He'll definitely fall for you.
Then you've got him pinned.
- The things you say!
That's how it is.
You think I'm joking?
- You just may be.
- There! That's the smile to use.
Just try it.
I'm sure it'll work.
Noriko's very late.
Maybe I should come back
another time.
Wait a little.
She'll be on the next train.
If you say so.
I hope she'll agree.
She will.
She likes him.
You think so?
She's shy. Old-fashioned
for somebody her age.
I guess so.
- Maybe some detaiI is bothering her.
- Like what?
Like his name.
Kumataro Satake?
- Kumataro - "Bear Boy. "
- What's wrong with it? It sounds tough.
If anybody's old-fashioned, it's you.
That wouldn't bother her.
But doesn't it make you think
of hairy chests and things?
That bothers young ladies
more than you imagine.
And what should I call him
if they get married?
"Kumataro" sounds like
a mountain bandit,
"Kuma-san" is used
for common bumpkins,
and "Kuma-chan"
sounds like "baby bear. "
Well, we have
to call him something.
That's the point.
I think I'll call him "Ku-chan. "
"Little Vacuum"?
What do you think?
She's back.
I'm home.
Here she comes.
Yes, I think that's definitely -
- I'm home.
- Welcome back.
What do you think?
I'll go ask her.
- Listen.
- What?
- Be tactfuI.
- Don't worry.
- Noriko, welcome home.
- Thanks.
So... what's your answer?
How about it?
Have you given it some thought?
Come on, tell me.
I think it's really a good match,
don't you?
Well, will you marry him?
Answer me.
You will?
Really? You'll do it?
Thank you!
I'll notify them immediately.
All right?
Thank goodness.
What a relief!
- How'd it go?
- She'll marry him, just as I thought.
Really? That's good.
I have to run now.
What a relief.
I'll tell them right away.
- Thanks for everything.
I can still make the 9:35, right?
Yes, but you'd better hurry.
My worries are over.
I can finally sleep again.
I'll come again to arrange the wedding.
Will you also drop by?
Yes, I will.
Good thing I picked up
this change purse.
You should turn that in.
Don't worry. I will.
Would you close up?
Good night.
Thanks again.
CarefuI on the way home.

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