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Посылка с Марса

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Natasha, you know, just don't
knowhow to ask you to let me in.
Sasha, they are waiting for
you. You'd bettergo home.
Tolstoy! Lev Nikolayevich!
Here' sin Peredelkino!
Happy New Year!
How can I Sasha the Grandfather
Frost mistake forTolstoy!
You've nevertasted such a drink
in yourwhole life, Alexander.
- Yes?
- Writer! What are you doing!
- Treating such a man with such a swill!
- Have you tasted anything better in you whole life!
- What do you want?
- Nothing at all!
- What's this?
- A private matter.
- Well, what's this?
- Alexander,
have you read the
poem "Moscow-Petushki"?
- About gay?
- About sad!
- Have you?
- I have.
I've written it.
- Wasn't it Venedikt Erofeev who's written it?
- Right you are.
- Isn't Venedikt Erofeev dead?
- Shh!
This will be oursecret, Alexander.
Nutty he is!
When he's drunk, he writs kids tales.
When he's very drunk, he
writes "Moscow-Petushki"
When he's dead drunk,
he writes "Warand Peace"
Shut yourmouth! Let me speak
with an intelligent person!
You are not speaking with,
you are talking through his hat!
Sasha, I'm a real Kutuzov!
What's so funny? The real one!
Haven't you got any Napoleons?
No Napoleons. Butwe have Marx.
Stop joking!
- Charles!
- Me!
Really, Sasha! Kutuzov
Mikhail Illarionovich!
Transbaikalian military district.
Very good nature, mushrooms...
- What?
- French.
In my genuine book"Moscow-Petushki"
I have described an amazing cocktail
"Tearof a Young
Communist Female Leaguer"
And now, Alexander, we are
tasting it, God have mercy upon us.
- Give me some tears...
- Get off!
Sasha, this is not the "Tear...".
This is rocket propellant.
Shut up, you tarpaulin boot!
Alexander, yourbody's
becoming very light....
And yoursoul bursts into flames.
Breathe out... Carefully...
Sip slowly, taste the aroma...
A tangerine. Here.
What are you doing here?
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
OfficerSnegurkov. Breaking the rules...
I'll tell hershe is not right!
Right you are, Sasha!
Woman needs an iron hand!
I'll tell her: Natasha! I
rememberyou as small as this...
- As this?
- Well no, a bit bigger.
I'll tell her: you've driven me
off, here's cold, here's New Year..
I'll ask herwhy... If I felt
in love with you at first sight!
- With me?
- With her.
I felt in love with herat first sight.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Yes!
- No!
Once more. Do you believe
in love at first sight?
- No!
- Yes!
And you? Do you believe
in love at first sight?
Yes! I rememberheras small as this...
- As this?
- Yes... Yes...
Just this evening I vas in
love with anotherwoman...
You have a delicate nature! You
should fell in love at first sight!
Yes... But I'm 40 yearold so far.
- I got it, Sasha. I got it.
- What?
You've never loved the first, because
you didn't rememberheras small as this!
If you had known the first as small as
the second, you'd probably loved hertoo...
Lyonya, be happy! There are
a lot of women in the world!
But you are one. You
should spare yourself.
When you driving extra
fast, who'll benefit?
- Nobody.
- Even you. Right?
- Right. Yes.
- Thank you.
Lyonya, sorry forteaching you...
But my woman in no more better.
Come on.
Do you knowwhy there are
so many jams on the roads?
- Why?
- Because there are so many cars on the roads!
- Got it.
- You don't.
Why are there so many cars on the roads?
Well, people become richer,
they can afford to buy a car...
Wrong! That's because every
otherwoman learned to drive!
There are more women in
the world then men! Got it?
Got it. Let's have a drink now.
- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
This is herhouse.
You are going to penetrate into there?
I don't know. But I do want to, guys.
- You won't.
- Why not?
We jumped overa higherfences there,
in Transbaikalian military district.
Listen, Sasha, the fence round
the districtwas that higher!
My soldiers jumped over
the fence as reindeers!
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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