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Посылка с Марса

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corkscrew... Here it is.
I'm sorry forfrightening Anna-Maria.
I've just forgotten to let herknow..
That's why she powdered me...
Itwas so funny...
- What's this?
- It's off the point!
May be a fuse has blown out?
Where is the switchboard?
On the second floor.
- Come?
- Come.
- Fuse is all right.
- The electricity went off in the whole village.
- There is no lightwindow...
- And so quiet...
I feel myself like a
child. The real New Year.
- What time is it now?
- Midnight!
Why are we wasting ourtime? Come on!
- Quickly, quickly!
- Help me.
Help me. Fizz, glasses -
everything is downstairs!
Be careful, Natasha!
- Are you ok?
- Yes, all right.
- Howwere you falling!
- What?
Why are we laughing?
- What?
- New Year!
- Quickly!
- Get up!
- Natasha, glasses!
- Glasses...
- Opening...
- Almost nine...
- ...nine.
- and almost ten...
...eleven, may be twelve...
Just a sec! Opened.
Don't you shake it!
- Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
- Just in time! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Light! Light!
- What are you doing?
- I'm dancing!
- Dancing?
- I'm dancing!
- Here's so cosy...
- Do you like it?
Very much.
What the shit? Is this going
to happen all the night?
Well, electricians went drunk...
New Year. Nobody's perfect.
- Won'twe drink the fizz before itwent flat?
- Yes...
- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
Let's drink as friends!
- How?
- As friends.
- To become more close.
- Yes...
Well, let's.
- And will we kiss each other?
- What?
Well, well! Enough!
- Why are you laughing?
- Just recall howwe were falling off the stairs.
I've just imagined thatwe are
celebrating New Year in a hospital...
...in a plaster...
This is not so convenient
to do it in a plaster...
- To do what?
- To do anything.
- Yes, not so.
- Not so convenient...
- Let's...
- What?
- Let's watch TV.
- How? There's no electricity.
Oh. Yes!
- Have you got cards?
- Cards?
- Well, playing cards.
- What for?
Well, what for... I
can showyou a trick!
In that sense... I'll look for.
Happy New Year.
- No tricks fortoday.
- What has happened?
No cards - no tricks. I've found
Nikita's table game "Forest business".
Business-game foryoung businessmen.
It suits you, I believe.
- Guess so.
- Look! That's me... That's you...
- And who's this?
- This is Lyonya.
So... Let's play!
Ok, let's sit down here, on
the floor. Sit down, please.
- Yes... As forthe rules?
- There is an instruction inside.
Got it. Let's examine...
I believe I've understood. Well...
You will play the Bear,
I will play the Fox.
And you... Well...
- Yourturn.
- Ok.
I have five. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
Sasha... I haven't spoiled
yourplans fortonight, have I?
You haven't.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Ok. Have you finished yourturn?
Yes, I have, but I would buy some...
Some mushrooms. Mushrooms.
- Game dollar?
- I've paid a game-dollar.
- Sasha!
- What?
- Have you told the truth?
- Yes.
- Well, concerning yourplans.
- The truth.
- Really? Funny...
- Really funny?
Six! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Well, New Year is a family holyday.
Were you going to celebrate it alone?
Not alone. I have a girl
to celebrate itwith,
but she preferred to
celebrate it somewhere else.
Natasha, 1, 2, are
you and Leonid married?
He is, I'm not.
It seems he decided to celebrate
the New Yearwith his wife.
Right he is, I'm so happy forhim.
My turn! Two. 1, 2. Game-dollars.
So what? Shall we continue
playing forgame-dollars?
- So what for?
- Forkisses.
- What?
- I mean if I win
I kiss you 10 times. If you
lose -you kiss me 20 times.
- Just like this...
- I'd preferforgame-dollars.
Well.. The rules are... Here
it is written... Right here.
- Written?
- Yes. In the rules.
- Can I have a look? Can I have a look?
- No, it's dark here, you won't see anything...
- I will!
- You won't!
- I will anyway! Let me have a look!
- I'll tell you later!
Liar! There was nothing about kisses.
I won't
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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