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Посылка с Марса

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To the Old Year.
- Yes.
- Sorry.
- It's ok.
So what? I'm not hamping
you? I'm not disturbing you?
- No...
- No?
- I'll call the driver, he'll drive you to Moscow.
- Oh! So long then.
- Overthere. The garage.
- Overthere. To the garage. Well.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Well... I thought it over...
I do like your idea.
What idea?
Well... To meet the New Yeartogether.
Togetherwith whom?
With me.
I have nowhere to hurry to...
- So you do like my idea?
- Yes.
But do I like it?
So you don't like it? So long then.
- Come here.
- Me?
I agree.
- Bon appetite!
- Thank you. Do you want some?
No. Thank you.
- So what?
- What?
We've seen off the Old
Year. What shall we do next?
- I don't know.
- Let's drink to ouracquaintance.
To acquaintance? Let us.
So what's yourname?
- Mine is Sasha.
- So, Sasha. I'm Natasha.
- Exactly...
- What's so funny?
Exactly. We are acquainted.
- Are we?
- Yes.
I thought I've seen yoursomewhere,
but now I rememberwe are acquainted.
Your last name is Strelnikova?
- Natasha Strelnikova?
- Yes...
Don't you rememberme?
- Take off yourhood.
- Oh, sorry.
- Here I am.
- Well, I don't.
- No?
- No.
You were living at Zvezdny
boulevard, weren't you?
- Well, I used to live there when a child.
- Well...
Yoursister's name is Galya.
You are... You are Sasha...
- ...Samokhin
- Samokhin. You were living next house to us.
- Yes, yes, yes!
- Building 10.
Sasha, exactly! Womanizer!
- In what sense?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I've recall it all. You had a
love affairwith my sister. Yes?
- We were just 17...
- Stop vindicating yourself!
- I won't.
- Don't you. Then you left her.
And then you had an affairwith her
friend. Right? So she called you womanizer!
- Sounds logically.
- Don't get upset!
Let's drink to unexpected meeting.
- To meeting.
- Let's.
- Too much...
- Yes?
You've changed, Sasha.
You too.
Natalia Vadimovna, can I
be free? Orshould I wait?
It's almost 11 p.m. I want to get home...
Volodya, you are free.
Thank you very much. Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
- Hot?
- A bit of.
- Take off yourfurcoat.
- Can I?
- You can.
- Just a sec! It is pretty hot here.
Oh! Are you wearing this
suit in youreveryday life?
Well, working clothes. I put on my
Grandfather Frost's costume at home.
And then drive to work. I've
left my clothes at home today.
Do you work? Orare you a student?
- Me?
- Defiantly not me...
Well, I'm an actor.
Oh yes - Grandfather
Frost. Take this bag.
- What for?
- Take this bag.
- What is this?
- Tailored suit. Put it on.
- Size...
- Will do.
Upstairs, turn left, bathroom.
- Natasha, I justwanted...
- This is a holiday. You should correspond to.
Got it.
- Sorry.
- It's ok...
I'm Grandfather!
Happy New Year, Sasha.
Zero. Two. Hello! Hello! Police?!
Police... The sex fiend has come!
Sex fiend! Yes, yes... Address?
Natasha, open the door!
It's me - Grandfather Frost.
- Anna-Maria? -
There's a maniac!
- Maniac?
- Maniac. Sex fiend.
This is Sasha, Grandfather Frost.
- Just a sec...
- It's me!
- Sex maniac!
- Sasha, keep forward to dress up!
Close the door...
- Close the door!
- I justwant to say...
Everything is ok. It's Sasha.
I didn't knowhe is Grandfather
Frost. Without a beard and coat...
Anna-Maria, everything
is ok, don'tworry.
I was frighten. I didn't
knowyou were at home.
I thought you were away...
We've changed ourplans and we
have no time to let you know.
This is why. Will we
meet New Yeartogether?
- No? - No-no,
thank you.
As you wish. Drink this
before you go to sleep, please.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
Nobody here!
- Here I am!
- That's better.
- Isn't it tight a little?
- No. It suits you very much.
As is was tailored foryou.
What a table you've
laid! Can I help you?
No, I've finished.
Don't Leonid mind I wearhis suit?
He won't. Open the bottle, please.
- Where is a corkscrew?
- Corkscrew,
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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