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Посылка с Марса

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- Really.
Well, let's come indoors, drink
some fizz, see off the Old Year.
Isn't it a good idea to see of the
Old Yearwith Grandfather Frost?
- Sure...
- Don't you mind?
- With pleasure...
- Come in...
SO what's yourreal name?
Alexander. Sasha.
- Leonid. Lyonya.
- Nice to meet you.
Can I help you?
No, no.
- You've already finished?
- I'm already finished.
You'll sleep tonight, and then we'll
go to a New Yearparty to the Kremlin.
Will they give me a present?
If you behave yourself
well, they will, I believe.
And then we'll go on a walk. Ok?
Ok. Sleep now.
- Mom, has Grandfather Frost left?
- Not yet.
Call him up, please, I
need to tell him something.
Nikita, it's high time you slept.
And its high time Grandfather Frost
went home. His home is farfaraway.
Mom, please, I need
to tell him something.
- Briefly.
- Yes, briefly.
- Grandad!
- Yes?
Won't you come up to Nikita's
room? He has something to tell you.
Of course, no problem. Where to?
The second floor. Upstairs. The
second room... The second room.
- Got it, thank you.
- Welcome.
- Thank you!
- Please, briefly.
- Yes-yes-yes.
- Thank you.
- So!
- Come here.
Who is that boy thatwon't sleep?
- Are you a real Grandfather Frost?
- Me? Really real!
- Do you travel to space?
- Well, sometimes...
- Can you give m a word?
- Aword of Grandfather Frost.
- Just a sec...
- Well, what is it?
Wonderful! Have you painted it yourself?
Yes. When you travel to
space, pass it to my dad.
- Dad?
- My dad is a cosmonaut.
This is a very big secret. He
is flying to Mars I this rocket.
Mars is so faraway, and it takes very
long time to get there. Will you pass it?
Yes, I will.
- So...
- Thank you.
Sleep now. Good night.
- Happy New Year.
- Good night.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Listen! Wait! Can't you listen to me?
- Wait?
- I won't listen to you, I'm listening to you forpast year!
- Wait!
- Let's drink. Happy New Year!
- I won't drink a fizz! Put it away! Shit!
- Natasha, I didn'twant to upset you!
- I'm not upset, I'm glad!
Can't you see? Go to hell!
- Ok!
- Wait! Wait a minute! Where are you going to?
- Me? I go to hell.
- You go to hell, don't you. Who has called you there?
- Nobody, I was sent there!
- You was sent there!
I have something to say! I
have to say that I have tired!
I can't bearyour lie
anymore! I'm sick of it!
- Natasha!
- Stop interrupting me! You know I hate it!
Find an 17-year-old girl
and lie to her! Got it?
But not to me! That's all!
You are free! Free! Go to hell!
Oh, where is yourpresent...
- Natasha, I can't..
- No, you'll take it! Take it!
- I don't need it!
- This is yourpresent! Happy New Year!
- Thank you!
- Suit!
- Suit, err? Does it suit me?
- Make use of it! It suits you very well!
- You are free! Free!
- Free as what?
- Free as a wind!
- Fora long time?
Fora long time? Forever! Straight
there, turn left and be free forever!
- Free forterm of life?
- Free forterm of life!
- Thank you very much. Suit...
- I'll take it. I'll make use of it!
- Forward! Go! Don't touch me with your legs!
- Sorry.
- Grandad, can I give you a lift? To Moscow?
- Yes.
- Come on, I give you a lift. Come on, come on.
- Why are you giving orders here?
This is my house, and I will decide, who,
where and when will go. Grandad, come here.
- Please, sit down.
- Yes.
Fizz! Are you aware that you
are spending the party with me?
- Natasha!
- Good!
What's the matter,
darling? Are you still here?
Hurry up! Oryou'll
miss the New Yearparty!
Happy New Year.
- Why are you standing as on funeral? Sit down.
- Yes, of course.
Let's see off the Old Year.
By tradition the old year
is seen off with vodka.
- Vodka?
- Yes...
We were going to make some visits,
so there is no food in the house.
- It's ok, I'm not hungry.
- So what fordid I bring all this staffhere?
Bologna sausage, sliced fish - eat it!
- Pourme some vodka.
- Of course.
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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