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Посылка с Марса

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too big. One should
clean it up 7 times a week.
- The way to be worn out. So long!
- Ok, I come.
- Is it you?
- It's me.
- Yes, yes. Shh!
- Quickly!
- Ah, there...
- Quickly! Quickly!
- There, ok.
- Quickly! Quickly!
- What's happening?
- Shh! Are you Grandfather Frost?
- No, I'm the English queen!
Don't shout! I see you
are Grandfather Frost.
The child shouldn't
see you before the time.
- What's this?
- A trumpet.
- What for?
- You will blow.
You will blow-we will run to the
New Yeartree. The New Yeartree.
- You will give the present. He present!
- The present.
- And what's the girls name?
- Mine?
No, the kid's one.
Oh, the kid is a boy.
A boy named Nikita.
You will blow-we will run.
Well, got it. Nothing
difficult. To blow- to run.
Shit, get into a mess, a young boy-scout.
But 300$ is a good sum of money.
How should I blow it?
Lyonya, are you ok?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Do you feel alright?
- Well, a bit tired.
- I got a present foryou.
- What kind of?
- I won't say.
- Please!
- I won't.
- Tell me!
- But this is a surprise.
- Well, tell me anyway.
You'll see. As we come you'll see.
- Well, you may not say.
- Why? Why shouldn't I? I will!
- Oh, no, this is a surprise.
- So you are not interested, aren't you?
- I am, but this is a surprise!
- Why shouldn't I tell you if I want to.
- Well, tell me.
- I can tell you.
So tell me.
I'm not sure itwill suit you.
But even it doesn't suit
you, you'll put it on.
- Tailored suit.
- Right you are.
Nikita! Nikita! Nikita!
Nikita! You, should put this on...
- Grandfather Frost...
- I won't!
...will come.
Well, I don't know if itwill help, but
gorilka is a good thing as it is.
Go, go, go! Itworks!
Shit. How is it?
The mirror is overthere. How did you
managed to stick to this piece of iron?
That nutty woman... Said, I
will blow- they will run.
- What the woman?
- I don't know... The one in a house.
- She is a bit of nutty...
- Anya-Manya?
- What?
- Anna-Maria. Nikita's governess.
Oh, must be.
Sasha! Why don'twe have a drink
without such an extreme tricks?
Not a bad idea.
- Grandfather Frostwill give you a present...
- I won't!
Nikita! What a naughty
child! Come here! Come!
Sasha! Stop mumbling! Come
here, we will threat you.
Here it is. Cukes, olives, lard...
- Come on... Ok?
- And you?
Go, go, go, go... Don'tworry about me!
To yourhealth!
Here's a gherkin... Well, gorilka's good!
As they say, the first flies
- called the second with the wing!
- Aren't you in a hurry?
- Not at all.
I've got my doze.
- Just a sec...
- Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
And an olive, an olive!
- Sasha, as little as this is enough forme.
- Gosh!
A police cannot find me drunk.
The one born to drink
cannot drive. And vice versa.
- Grave approach.
- But I do like to stand a treat.
Very much. Anotherglass?
- Ok.
- Thank you!
Happy New Year!
- Listen, thatwoman...
- Wait. Cuke, cuke!
As forthis woman, Anna-Maria,
she is foreigner, isn't she?
German. She has a heap of
names, just like a recidivist!
There's no place left in herpassport:
Anna, Maria, Janette, Georgette, Babette..
- Oh gosh!
- Herfather's name is Ferdinand.
- Won't you have a drink?
- I won't, Sasha. Enough forme.
Come on. She is so intelligent madam...
Ormademoiselle, one
shouldn't determine.
So widely-read, speaks in a
lowvoice, in a polite manner...
So! The child is waiting! I'm talking
to you, dearGrandfather Frost!
The child is tired of waiting!.. Shit!
An intelligent one.
Look, mom! I've got it as a
present from Grandfather Frost!
Hello, mom!
Come here, my dear! Come!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Welcome home. Nikita, come home,
you're wet all around. Come.
Nikita, go and change your
clothes, I'll come up to you.
I'll be in a couple of
minutes. Nikita, go upstairs.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Nikita likes yourpresent very much.
- Really?
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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