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Посылка с Марса

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twe driving?
The reason we're not driving,
Lyuda, is that the carhas an engine,
and to start driving I should warm
it up. So what's yourdestination?
- Malakhovka.
- Malakhovka?
- Not so close!
- As faras 20 km.
Well, I'll bring you to Malakhovka.
- Are you serious, Sasha?
- You want me joking?
No, Sasha. You are the best! Really!
At last! It's betterthen a "sex fiend".
Well, you are a bit of one.
- Just a bit.
- That's better.
Let's go!
Something getwrong?
Oh shit. Something has broke down.
- No, it hasn't.
- So what's wrong?
I've ran out of fuel.
I had no time to gas.
Shit, Samokhin, can't you...
Ok, ok, ok, itwas you who likes to cry.
I'll do something about right now-
I'll work as Grandfather Frost again...
Well, well, well...
Hey, grandfather, where are you going?
- Can you give a lift to Miss Frost?
- That's me!
- Ah, Miss Frost! Where to?
- To Malakhovka!
- To Malakhovka... No, I can't. Sorry.
Ok, bye.
There is no gentlemen at all. Shit.
Wait! Wait!
- Good evening.
- Hi.
- Can't you give a lift to Malakhovka?
- To Malakhovka?
- Yes.
- No problem. In a moment. 200$.
- Howmuch?
- 200$. So what?
Are you crazy?
- Don't bang the door!
- Don't you like it?
- What's yourname?
- Gena.
Gena, do you want to
become a Grandfather Frost?
Got it! Got the Grandfather
Frost! I need yourcarand 300$.
- Easy, easy!
- Ok.
I need yourjeep to bring Grandfather
Frost to yourplace and 300$ to pay him.
Natalia Vadimovna, force major!
In a 4 hours before New Year
Grandfathers Frost are not very cheap!
Will you take yourcar,
I'll buy the petrol...
- But I should bring Miss Frost to Malakhovka!
- What the Miss Frost?
Grandfather Frostwas taking Miss Frost
to Malakhovka, but ran out of fuel.
So he'll go to yourson if Miss
Frost is taken to Malakhovka.
She's late and so
nervous! She's so nervous!
Can't Miss Frost take a taxi?
She can, but this
will cost another 200$.
Howmuch? Ok, call my
driver, he'll take him.
I'll give you money
forGrandfather Frost.
The governess will pass him
the present to give Nikita.
Here's anotherstory,
that happened in Jerusalem.
In Israel, you see.
Just before the New Year.
The weatherwas extremely hot!
We checked in a hotel,
I went to the shower,
douche myself with cold
water, felt refreshed,
And in a 5 minutes I was dry.
Such a hotweatherwas.
Haven't you turned on
the air-conditioner?
The matter is that I have!
It starts to grow colder, I
was lying on the bed, relaxing.
So I fell asleep. I was all naked,
only with a towel overmy bottom.
So, I'm sleeping and having a dream.
I'm going through snow-covered
field, with snow up to the towel.
And there is a birch grove,
and I'm going right there.
And the weather is so chilly!
And here comes a train, right
on the snow. A steam engine.
A prehistoric one, just
like Lenin was travelled by.
He drives right on me. I
step left- he drives left.
I step right- he, a skunk, does
the same. I'm wondering why.
So I stand sill, and he
drove by full steam ahead.
And I felt chilly wind blowing.
And then I became
pellucid, just like icicle.
- And then?
- And then.
Air-conditionerblows as he went mad,
and in the room is terrifically cold.
That's why I dreamt about
motherland. And I get tonsillitis.
That's why I don't like winter.
- Hello, Lyonya.
- Hi.
- Can you speak?
- Yes, I do.
Will you give me a lift?
What has happened? We've
decided to meet home.
I gave my carto Grandfather Frost.
- To whom?
- To Grandfather Frost.
- What the grandfather?
- It takes a long time to explain.
A bearded one. Will you give me a lift?
- Naturally, I will.
- Ok, so long, bye, kiss.
- Kiss.
- Bye.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12... Just like in a fairy tale...
Oh, Grandfather Frost.
Oh, twelve month.
- Where to?
- There, overthere.
- How do you like the appearance?
- Cool...
- Would you like to live in such a house?
- Sure...
I think it's
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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