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Посылка с Марса

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- Edic, you are fired.
You'll made a good circus manager.
Natalia Vadimovna... Natalia
Vadimovna... Wait a minute!
It's not fair!
I'm working like a horse,
to the point of exhaustion...
I don't need a horse,
but a design manager.
I am a design manager! I don't have
spare time even formy private life!
Well, you'll have it.
- But I do my job, Natalia Vadimovna!
- This is not yourjob anymore!
Natalia Vadimovna! Natalia Vadimovna!
Mammy? Have you already
come back to Moscow?
Hi, my dear, I have, I
miss yourmuch, how are you?
Yes, I'm ok. Mom, when
will Grandfather Frost come?
It's got dark but he hasn't come yet...
- Oh, Grandfather Frost...
- Yes!
You've promised that Grandfather
Frostwill bring me a present.
Yes, my dear, I'll call
him and hurry him up.
Let me call him myself!
No, sonny, I will do it myself.
Have you learned a verse forhim?
- I have.
- Well done.
I'll come home in a little. Kiss, bye.
Shit! I've completely forgotten
about Grandfather Frost.
Edward, this is yourchance.
What's the chance?
Find Grandfather Frost right now and
send him to my place at Peredelkino.
- What's the Grandfather Frost?
- The real one, bearded.
Seek! No Grandfather Frost- nojob.
- With Miss Frost?
- Permissible without.
- Got it.
- Good boy.
Howmany customers left?
- Five more.
- Oh God, we've just started and I'm already tired.
That's because you won't kiss me.
- You'll get by!
- As you wish.
Hello, hello, agency?
Happy New Year, thank you.
I need to call fora Grandfather
Frost, but he should be...
...Not at all?
...What do you mean - late...
I wonderwhen I should call...
Two week prior? What the... Good bye.
It's terrible. No
Grandfathers Frost at all.
You're pretty sad, aren't you?
- Yes, I am.
- So what is the reason for it?
- What? Because you won't kiss me!
- What a bore.
Say, Lyuda, won't you marry me?
Watch the road.
What for? You are unshaven
unshorn coach-potato...
But I am cheerful and I cook well.
As forme, I like to
cry and keep to a diet.
Well, if we can't have a good
talk, let's listen to music.
Don't you have any Grandfather Frost?
Aworthless one will go!
...You have one?. Drunk?
And how is he drunk?. As a fiddler?
No, no, I won't. Goodbye.
Hello, Nastya? Ah... Hello,
Ekaterina Vladimirovna.
- Sasha, hurry up!
- Give me a minute.
Happy New Year, Ekaterina
Vladimirovna. Is Nastya home?
Out of town? Oh, I see.
I called herbut could not get through.
Good bye, Happy New Year.
- Is that all?
- Yes, that's all.
Hello, I need a Grandfather Frost.
I'm sick of these songs. This
one is the seventh tonight.
Life is not a fairy tale.
I'll go in a 15 minutes.
- You can't.
- Why?
There are 4 more kids left.
- Shit, Samokhin, couldn't you tell me earlier!
- Shh...
Lisa, good girl, come
here, my dear, come here.
Grandfather Frost gives you
a present, good girl you are.
Come back to granny.
DearGrandfather Frost and
Miss Frost, here is our Lyuda.
She plays the mandolin,
she'll play tarantella. Boys!
Here's the eldest one, Kolya and Tolya.
They'll show a judo fight.
Here is Lyonya, he'll make you laugh.
It'll take an hour!
And ournieces from St. Petersburg,
young ballet dancers. Each of them
will perform a dance, and then they'll
show a dance from "The Swan Lake".
I'll take more than an hour.
Curse this extra work!
No more Misses Frost!
- Don'tworry, be happy.
- How can I not to worry?
How can I be happy, Sasha?
It takes me more then an
houron a train to get home!
I'll get there at best at 10 p.m.
And I need to wash my hair...
How can I celebrate the New
yearwith a hair like this?
I'm tired of working like a horse.
- Yes...
- Samokhin?
Will you give me a lift
to the station? Please!
To the station? Will you give me a kiss?
I'll give you a very passionate
one! An old sex fiend you are.
Well, the sex fiend I
am, but not an old one.
So why aren'
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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