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Посылка с Марса

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Yes... Not so numerous...
I'll be there.
We were celebrating...
and then got thatwe are
missing you, Natalia Vadimovna!
We love you so, Natasha!
We've got thatwe can't be
joyful enough without you.
- Really?
- Don't you mind we'd come?
I don't, I'm so glad...
I'm Edic. Hello...
Hello... We are introduced.
A! Grandfather Frost!
- Lets kiss!
- A bit later.
- He's married.
- Awfully! Do you like fizz?
- I do.
- I'll bring some.
- Come on, bring us some.
- Natalia! Even if you fire me,
I still want to be friends with you!
- Is it a common matter?
- Is the first time it happened.
Let's drink to everybody will
find his fortune in the newyear!
And won't loose it. Happy New Year!
Hooray! Let's dance!
Samokhin! Hi!
Luda! But you were going to Malakhovka!
- How does it happen you are here?
- Edic brought me there...
Well, we become a very
good friends! He's so cool!
We celebrated at my place
and then went to the club.
Everything was super! I have never
celebrated New Yearsuch joyful!
And you? How does it happen you
are here? I don't understand!
Edic has invited you?
It's a miracle! Sasha,
I'm so happy to see you!
Cool! Lyuda!
Look! Will you be our
every-yearGrandfather Frost!
Corporate one. And
Lyuda will be Miss Frost.
I'll ask Natasha, she won't object!
She's rich! And she's not greedy!
- I'll think it over.
- There's nothing to think over!
You were paid fora night as
fora month in yourtheatre.
Lyuda, am I right?
Right you are! Edic, you are
wonderful! I'm so happy to meet you!
Why are you crying
in a stentorian voice?
- Snegurkov!
- Lyonya!
Well, drunkards, have you drunk all
the drinks? Lyonya! Moscow? Back?
Snegurkov, I won't go
anywhere. I stay here.
Writer, pourme some!
Happy New Year. Here's
the parcel from Mars.
I'll see yourdad soon.
Shall I pass him a word?
Tell him...
thatwe love him.
We are waiting forhim.
Посылка с Марса

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