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Посылка с Марса

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very good strong drinks.
Well... "Tearof a Young
Communist Female Leaguer"
- Have a headache?
- A bit of.
- One should drink less.
- Natasha!
- What?
- Won't you get insulted?
By you? Scarcely...
- You have very beautiful eyes.
- And bad temper.
I didn't say it! You
are really beautiful.
- Thank you.
- There is nothing you can thank me for...
- Here' my Natasha! Snegurkov!
- Yes!
Come, I'll introduce you.
Look what a woman I have, Snegurkov!
This is Snegurkov the Policeman.
- Hello.
- This is no the point.
Grandpa Frost, Get away of my woman.
Get away-away. Ok, stay
here, this is not the point.
Natasha, I justwant to beg yourpardon.
I beg yourpardon. Even if
I was right, I was wrong.
- Lyonya, you are drunk...
- Yes, a bit of.
This is not the point. Today
something strange happens to me.
Frost courts my woman, I drink
with a policeman in the road...
In the road! Bu this is not the
point. I justwant to say I love you.
Forgive me, please.
Please, forgive me.
Yes, pussy... Nothing special has happened:
I had a carcrash with a police car.
Don't you cry, it's ok. Nothing
special. Wait, wait, pussy!
Snegurkov... Arrest Frost.
- I cant'.
- Why?
I' can't. I have no right...
He has done nothing criminal.
You have the power! Powerout ofhere!
- Come.
- Don'tworry. Everything will be ok.
Ok. I'll deliverhim, alive and kicking.
Hello! Hello! Yes. Hello, yes.
No, it's not Lyonya... Who? Well...
Grandfather Frost. Well, I'm not
joking. The real Grandfather Frost.
I got that you're Lyonya's
wife. He'd ok. Don'tworry.
Yes. Goodbye. Happy New Year.
Have no time to congratulate her...
- Hello!
- Hello, Hi!
- Hi.
- That's me.
I justwant to ask
you... What are you doing?
- Me?
- Yes.
- Listening to music.
- Lucky you are...
- And you?
- I've cleaned the yard... Almost all.
- Well, can I ask you...
- What?
You know, I liked Nikita's
snowroververy much.
You want me to give you it as a present?
No... If I'd got such a present
when a boy, I'd be happy!
But in that time there were no such
things. Can we ride it together?
- It's forkids...
- We'll ride it in turn...
Come on, come on!
- Wonderful, isn't it?
- Great!
- I don'twant to go indoors.
- Let's sit here a bit.
Why don't you tell me
something about you?
- What should I tell about?
- You have nothing to tell about?
- Nothing...
- Funny... You're an actor...
You play some parts...
- I do, when they give me the part.
- Don't they?
They do, but not very often...
- What kind of part?
- Of a different kind.
- Hamlet?
- Hamlet... No... Hamlet is not as important.
I play the key role in a wonderful
matinee "Masha and The Bear"
- The role of Masha?
- Masha... Morning shows only.
No, I play the key role of The Bear.
It does suits you.
- As I am fat?
- No, as you are big and kind.
Thank you... Look, Natasha, I
wonder, can I see Mars from here?
- Did you go to school?
- Me? Yes, I did. But itwas long ago.
- And you wasn't diligent.
- And I wasn't diligent.
Look, Natasha, is
Nikita's dad a cosmonaut?
Who told you so?
Nikita. He asked me to deliverhis
drawing to his dad when travel in space.
No, he is not. Bu a cosmonaut can travel
to Mars and it takes a very long time.
- And who is his dad?
- Does it makes any difference?
It's ok, but sometimes I fell guilty...
I believe it is not right
to feel guilty in this situation.
May be...
- I write him letters.
- What kind of letters?
- As though his dad have written them.
- He's glad to receive them.
As any child.
I fell so cosy with you...
As I am fat and I am
Grandfather Frost, err?
Just as that.
Natasha, let's go to
a Gorky park tomorrow-
you, Nikita and me.
Yes... I'd like to. But I have doubts...
So? Let's come in. It's cold here.
- Are they foryou?
- No idea...
- Oh shit!
- This is forme.
Oh! Natalia Vadimovna!
It's me. Well, it's... We.
I mean, Happy New Year.
We are not so numerous.
- Hello... Hello...
- So.
Посылка с Марса Посылка с Марса

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