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it counts.
- I couId use some right now.
Strawberry ice cream,
straight out of the package.
- Sorry, can't heIp you.
- So do you feeI
Iike you now me?
- Betterthan anyone.
- How about you?
- Me...
Uh, okay.
WeII, I was born here in Toronto
and Iived here aII my Iife.
In North York, actuaIIy.
And my father was a stockbroker.
- Okay, you better hurry up.
TeII me something
to make me Iove you.
- Oh.
Uh... okay.
- TeII me your big tragedy.
- My tragedy...
-About the girI you Ioved
who ran away or died.
- She died.
- It's pretty obvious.
But peopIe die aII over.
You have to put it
into perspective.
Soon, we aII wiII.
- Uh... it's hard...
it's hard for me to expIain this.
You'd have to meet my famiIy.
But, um...
weII, she taught me how...
I couId Iove.
How much.
Which is a Iot, actuaIIy.
Surprising. You'd never beIieve it.
Someone Iike me.
But, um...
You know, actuaIIy...
It's embarrassing for me
to teII you this,
and, uh, to teII her,
but, um...
she... she died,
and then they said
the worId wouId end.
- I'm sorry.
- She was sick.
Remember when peopIe got sick
and died one at a time?
- It's not yourfauIt.
- That she died? I know.
- That the worId is ending.
-Yeah... yeah, that too.
I know.
I'm not that arrogant.
- TeII me more.
I wanna Iove you.
It won't be hard.
-WeII, that's about it.
That's my big story.
It usuaIIy does the trick.
- Okay, uh...
TeII me aII the detaiIs.
- It's hard on them.
- It's harder on their chiIdren.
- I think those IittIe ones...
I don't give a damn.
PeopIe are aIways saying,
''The chiIdren,''
''pity the chiIdren.''
I'm tired of the chiIdren.
They haven't Iived,
given birth,
watched theirfriends die.
I have invested
80 years in this Iife.
The chiIdren don't know
what they're missing.
- Good point.
-We shouId get ready.
- Ready.
(aIarm ringing)
- How do I know that you are
what you say you are?
-What do you mean?
I think you couId teII.
-WeII, no, I've never
had one before, so...
- I'm a virgin.
Why wouId I Iie?
PeopIe do. I mean, I wouId
if I were in your pIace.
-Yes, weII...
I mean, if you were younger--
- I think I'd better go.
- No. I mean...
You're beautifuI.
I'd wanna have you anyway.
So... beautifuI, I mean,
it's hard to beIieve you.
That was my point.
The way you move your sexy body
It's nice.
WouId... Do you want a drink?
I have drinks.
- That won't be necessary.
I think we'd better get to work.
They couId not heIp me to
Two of you
And y'aII sexy body
Aii aii
(cheering and whistIing from afar)
- Fifteen!
Fifteen minutes!
- In a way,
I feeI kind of priviIeged.
I mean, it's the biggest thing
that ever happened.
And we're gonna be there.
I mean, no one was there
to witness the beginning.
But we're gonna be there
at the end.
-Yes, it may be very beautifuI.
-Are you sure you don't want
to see it foryourseIf?
- It'II mean more
coming from you.
- Is there anything eIse I shouId get?
Get a cIock?
- I don't think we'II need one.
We shouId be abIe to hear
the countdown from the street.
- Okay.
Let's go to the can -- Iast chance --
and make ourfinaI phone caIIs.
- Let's take another Iook
at the crowds of peopIe
fiIIing Nathan PhiIIips Square.
As I understand, they have become
a IittIe more rowdy,
aIthough there are
no major incidents
to report.
WeII, pop that champagne,
it's now officiaIIy...
10 minutes
untiI the end of the worId.
Out on the streets, the crowds
are getting pretty wiId.
- This is crazy!
- I'm gonna stand up.
- Okay, stand up.
Stand up and take a Iook.
Can you see it?
-Yeah. Whoo!!!
-What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Look, it's not you.
-WeII, what, then?
We don't have much time.
- I had a busy day.
Look, 10 minutes, I'II be fine.
I'II be fine.
Guajira Guantanamera
Guajira Guantanamera
Yo soy un hombre sincero
Последняя Ночь Последняя Ночь

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